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There are a number of rules and important details, but generally yes, you can get a tax write-off for a car donation if you have a receipt.

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Q: Is a car donation eligible for a tax write off?
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Can I write off a junk car donation on my taxes?

You can write off almost any donation on your taxes. Junk car donation is also something that you can write off.

What are some trustworthy places that you can make a car donation for an IRS write off?

To make a car donation for an IRS write-off, one should visit the official IRS webpage for details. Alternatively, one should visit the official Edmunds webpage for car advice.

What chariities are there where I can write off my used car as a tax donation?

If you donate a car to the Rawhide Boys Ranch it is tax deductible.

If I make a car donation, could that be considered a tax write off?

Yes. Just ask for a receipt when you donate the car.

Is there a tax write off for making a car donation?

Yes. You can deduct the amount that the charity sells the car for from your federal income taxes.

What kind of tax benefits are there for a charitable car donation?

You can write off the total value for which the car is sold by the charity from your federal income taxes.

Can car dealerships donate a car and use it as a tax write off?

Yes any company or individual can donate a car and use it as a tax write off. there are many charities requesting vehicle donation and it is a great way to give back to the community.

What should I know before engaging in car donation tax write off?

You must make sure the charity that you are donating to is not a scam.

Is car donation tax write off the only tax write off that can be claimed on federal taxes?

No there are many different tax deductions that can be claimed on your tax return. For a list of them you can visit

What kind of proof is mandatory in order to get a car donation tax write off?

You must document that the charity you donated to has 501 (c) (3) status and receive written acknowledgement of the donation from the charity.

If I am donating a car, who determines the value for a write-off?

The IRS has tightened rules on car donation write offs. They intend that you can write off the fair market value of your has a nice discussion of the subject here

How do I make an auto donation to a charity?

Find a reputable charity that you support and visit their website so see if they accept car donations directly. Once you find one that does, you can either drive the car to the charity's donation center, or often they have someone who can come pick up the car from your home. After the donation, you will receive a receipt and you can write off the value of the car on your taxes.

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