Is a cat a mammal

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Any thing that is warm blooded and gives birth to live babies is a mammal so yes the cat is a mammal

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yes it is a mammal

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Q: Is a cat a mammal
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Related questions

Is a lynx cat a mammal or not?

A lynx is a mammal. a medium-sized cat.

Is a cat a anphibian?

No, a cat is a mammal.

Is a bobcat a reptile or a mammal?

a mammal... its a cat...

Is a margay a mammal?

Margay cat is a mammal!

Is a serval a mammal?

Yes, a serval is a mammal, it is a cat.

Which is not a mammal cat dog or chicken?

A chicken is not a mammal.

Is a Chinese Desert Cat a mammal?

Yes, it is a mammal.

What is an Asian cat like mammal called?

asian cat like mammal with v in word

Is a jaguar a reptile?

No, a Jaguar is a member of the cat family, and is a mammal.

Is a cat and a owl mammals?

a cat is a mammal a owl is not

Is a cat warmblooded?

A cat is a mammal, and is warm-blooded.

Is a lynx reptile or mammal or amphibian?

A lynx is a large cat, a mammal.

Is a cat a mamial?

Yes indeed i believe a cat is a mammal.

Is a cat a vertebrate are a invertebrate?

A cat a vertebrate as it has a spine and is a mammal.

Is a meer cat a mammal?


Cat is to mammal as kangaroo is to?


Is a cat a placental mammal?


What kingdom is the cat?

In the Mammal kingdom

Does a cat have gills?

No, it's a mammal

Is a margay a mammal or reptile?

The margay is a small species of cat and definitely a mammal.

Who is a Silky cat shaped mammal with spots?

It is a Civet. (Civet Cat)

Can a cat get rabies by a bat?

Rabies can be transmitted from mammal to mammal by a bite, so yes, a cat could get rabies from a bat bite.

Is cat a mammal or reptile?

A cat is a mammal: warmblooded, gives live birth, suckles their young.

What mammal class is a lynx in?

Felines, it is a cat

Is a tiger a reptile?

No it is a big cat, and is a mammal.