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In Florida, a "certificate of live birth" is the original certificate completed at the time of the child's birth. It is prepared by the hospital and includes the signatures of at least one of the parents and usually the physician or another witness to the birth. Once the "certificate of live birth" has been completed, it is sent to the Florida Office of Vital Statistics, who files the document and issues certified copies when requested. When ordering a Florida birth certificate, you can ask for a "photocopy certificate" - which is an exact photocopy of the original "certificate of live birth". They can only be ordered from the state office in Jacksonville, since that is where the actual certificate is stored. A "Certification of Birth" also known as a "computer copy" is a document issued by the Florida Office of Vital Statistics that only includes some of the information from the original "certificate of live birth". It usually states only the name, sex, date of birth, place of birth, parents' names, and the state file number. These types of birth certificates are cheaper and can be purchased from any Vital Statistics office in the state of Florida (and each county has one). Now for adopted persons, the policy is different. When the child is born, their birth certificate is completed like normal. However, once the child is adopted, the state of Florida creates a NEW "certificate of live birth" that shows the child's adoptive name and the names of the adoptive parents. The original "certificate of live birth" containing the names of the original parents is "sealed", meaning that it is locked up and can never be opened again without a court order. So, when an adopted person orders a birth certificate - whether it's a "photocopy" ("certificate of live birth") or "computer copy" ("certification of birth"), it will only show the adoptive name of the child and the names of the adoptive parents.

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Q: Is a certificate of live birth the same as a birth certificate in Florida A friend may be adopted?
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How do you get Florida birth certificate for foreign child?

To get a Florida birth certificate (or a birth certificate in any other state, for that matter), the child had to have been born in Florida.

How do you apply for your BIRTH certificate if adopted?

If you were adopted, your birth certificate was modified so that your adoptive parents are listed as your parents. If you are wondering how to learn the identity of your birth parents, start with contacting the agency through which you were adopted.

Can a child be adopted if there is no father on the birth certificate?

Yes it can.

Can a foreign born child receive an Hawaiian Birth Certificate?

Yes, a child that is legally adopted in the state of Hawaii can receive an Hawaiian Birth Certificate.

Is the state of GA required to accept Florida's certificate of foreign birth?

Is the state of GA required to accept a Florida's certificate of foreign birth for obtaining a driver's learning permit

How do you find your birth family?

If you are adopted, you can try to find your birth family by asking your adoptive parents what they know of your adoption and by trying at access your original birth certificate. If you are not adopted, you already know your birth family.

What kind of birth certificates are given to adopted children?

They will receive a new birth certificate with the new parent's name in the place of the old. The new certificate becomes the legal one and the old certificate is not valid.

How can an adopted person find their birth mother?

Ask your adoptive mother or father to see your birth certificate (if possible) or your adoption certificate. The birth certificate will probably help a little more, but the adoption certificate will work just fine. These documents are KEY in finding your birth mother.Find your birth mother's name. It should be on the certificate.Google her!

Can you put orphans new name on a birth certificate?

If you mean can you change the birth certificate to reflect the new name when a child is adopted, the answer is generally yes depending on state law.

Can you change your birth certificate back to your biological parent after being adopted?

Not in my state of Ohio. I tried

How can I find out my birth certificate if i was adopted?

You have to contact the Vital Statisitics Office of your state who would have a record of it.

Do I need a birth certificate to fly to Florida?

No, not if you are an American citizen and have a valid id.

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