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Is a clam a gastropod?

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What is the difference between a gastropod and a pelecypod?

The difference between a Gastropod and a Pelecypod is a Gastropod is a snail like creature and a Pelecypod is a clam like creature

Is a worm a gastropod?

No a worm is not a gastropod.

A gastropod without shell?

Any type of slug will be a gastropod.

5 A gastronome is a connoisseur of fine food and drink what is a gastropod?

A gastropod is a mollusk.

What sort of creature is a gastropod?

A Gastropod is a small snail that is 39.3 centimeters and weigh 900grams

When was Scaly-foot gastropod created?

Scaly-foot gastropod was created in 2001.

What is the scientific name for gastropod?

Gastropod is the scientific name. The common names are: snail, slug, limpet, nubibrank.

What is a gastropod?

A few gastropod species are snails, slugs, limpets, and sea hares. I know this doesn't really answer the question very well, but if you search 'Gastropod' at Wikipedia you will find out what a gastropod is and then some. Hope this helped!Gastropods are a class of mollusks, otherwise known as snails, slugs, and limpets.

What are the different types of seashells?

there are millions of types of seashells in the world Some of the common sea shells are ~ Mother of pearl shell ~Ark shell ~Script Shell ~Giant clam (Tridacna Gigas) ~Gastropod ~Kapis Hope this can help.....

An example of a gastropod?


Is a gastropod a carnivore?

No it is a herbivore

Is a butterfly gastropod?


What structure puts the snail in the classification of a gastropod?

Gastropod literally means "stomach-foot" the bottom of the snail (where it inches along) is called the foot. In its visceral mass is the stomach where you get the term stomach foot or gastropod.

What is a sign that a clam is in the area clam?

You will see a clam.

Is a snail a bivalve?

No, a snail is a gastropod.

How do you say snail in latin?


Is an octopus a gastropod?

No, Octopuses are Cephalopods.

Is Fusus fossil gastropod?


What is a pond snail and example of?


What is a gastropod mollusc or shell?


Is a snaile a reptile?

No. A snail is a gastropod.

What kind of gastropod has no shell?


What animal is a gastropod?

It's a snail

Is a gastropod an invertebrate?

Yes, a gastropod is an invertebrate. The reason I know this is because snails and worms are classified as gastropods. They are vertebrates with exoskeletons as well.

What does a clam start of as?

a clam

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