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Well college is normally near-by to your house, or in your secondary school. Uni is far away like in Manchester or Oxford. University is harder but fun because you get a good treat in the end.

A university does not need to be far away, a university is a school that offers a graduate program in most studies. Also it is funded by the state. A college is like a private school. Like in RI there is the University of Rhode Island which is paid for by the state. Also we have PC which is a private college.

--added a university is made up of colleges. example, the university may contain a college of fine arts, a college of health sciences, etc, etc. deans are in charge of each college. in a traditional college, they are split up into departments. example, Psychology department, math department, etc, etc. and a head of the department is in charge of each. which is better? i don't know, but it seems a university is more complicated because it contains different colleges.

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Q: Is a college better than a university?
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