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A colloid is not a single compound; it is a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension.

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Is lotion a colloid?

No it is a compound.

Is sodium hydroxide a compound?

The Roman suffix "-ide" means it is a compound not a mixture, colloid or such.

Is fog a element compound colloid or suspension?

Its a colloid because dog is a liquid dispersed in a gas is referred to as a fog.

What is a single compound?

A single compound is one compound

Is glucose a colloid?

Glucose is a compound with the molecular folrmula C6H12O6. It is not a colloid, since it does not exhibit the Tyndall Effect, which is characteristic of all colloids.

Is a sand a element compound solution suspension or colloid?

Sand is a mixture and rarely is only one compound.

Is a pond an element compound suspension or heterogeneous homogeneous or a colloid?

A pond isn't a element, compound, solution, colloid, or heterogeneous mixture. So it's either a suspension or a homogenous mixture My vote is suspension

Is fog a compound or a mixture?

im not exactly sure but i think fog is a colloid.

Is water a colloid or suspension or a solution?

None of these. Water is a compound, which is a pure substance.

Is mayonnaise a compound or a mixture?

It is a mixture - a very specific type of mixture - a colloid.

Is a compound a single substance?

Yes, a compound is a single substance.

Is sodium hydroxide a mixture?

The Roman suffix "-ide" means it is a compound not a mixture, colloid or such.

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