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s a computer with antivirus software protected from viruses why or why not


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Install the AntiVirus software and scan your computer. The AntiVirus prevents any kind of malicious software and viruses.

An antivirus removes the viruses of your computer and helps it in proper functioning.

Install the AntiVirus software and scan your computer. The AntiVirus prevents any kind of malicious software and viruses. See the link below.

anti virus software will keep out viruses out.

Yes but not if you have antivirus software

the keep computer technicians antivirus software developers and removal software.

No. Of course it can. Spyware is different that of viruses. Everyone should have antivirus, spyware and malware detection software on their computer.

To update antivirus software with the internet all you have to do is be connected to a network and then click your antivirus software and click update or just let it automatically do it for you. By doing this you are keeping your computer protected against the 100+ viruses created per day.

You computer will be at less risk from computer viruses if you run a virus checker/antivirus software..

Norton Antivirus is a software that stops viruses from getting into your computer. Norton is used comonly by businesses.

antivirus software can delete viruses and Trojans from your PC and it'll increase performance for your computer

a computer virus is a hacking software that you download on your computer anti-virus is the software that gets rid of viruses

Antivirus software can be defined as a program that works to detect and remove harmful viruses from a computer. Antivirus software combats computer crime by shielding one's personal information and essentially their identity, online.

To protect your computer from viruses, malwares, and worms that will harm your computer.

A software that stops viruses from getting into your computer, stealing personal stuff and messing up your computer.

The easiest way is to use an antivirus software.

AntiVirus Software | Spyware Removers | AntiSpam Software | Firewall Software | All these are the main types of anti-viruses of a computer. You can choose different type according to the specific situation of the virus on your PC.

To remove computer viruses, you can run a virus scan using antivirus software. This should find any viruses on your computer, and allow you to remove them.

To protect your computer from viruses. Viruses may harm your computer or/and take your personal information over the internet!

They protect your computer from the viruses that the antivirus software companies are constantly developing.

Get antivirus software. That will stop your computer from getting viruses

If you dont have a firewall, crackers can get to your computer. If there is no anti-virus, viruses get into your computer.

Antivirus software is a type of security software designed to protect users from multiple types of malware, not just viruses

Anti-virus software can identify and block many viruses before they can infect your computer.

The definitions for antivirus programs are basically snippets of viral code from all known viruses. When a file is accessed on your computer, the antivirus software does a quick scan and checks its database for any matches to to its definitions.

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