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Q: Is a crawfish an amphibian
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Is a crawfish a amphibian?

No. Crawfish, or crayfish, are crustaceans. They are related to and like lobsters, crabs, shrimp, and barnacles.

Are crawfish reptiles or amphibian?

Neither ! They're crustaceans !

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the amphibian crawfish frog?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Rana areolata.

What Animal or Amphibian lives in North Carolina in a hole in the ground with mud piled in a mound around the hole. It appeares to be nocturnal?


Are crawfish invertebrates?

The Crawfish is an invertebrates.

When is crawfish season?

Crawfish "season" typically runs from March through about June. This is when you will get your best crawfish. From August to February the shells on the crawfish are quite hard and not as easy to peel, and they are not as "fat". And, there is actually a season. Crawfish harvesting begins in the Spring, thus this is why your best crawfish are in the early spring months. Crawfish farms consist of ponds that are drained and replanted in the summer, reflooded in the fall and winter, and begin harvesting in the spring. Laura

When is crawfish season in Arkansas?

when does crawfish season start

In what phylum is a crawfish?

Crawfish belongs to the Arthropoda phylum

Is a tadpole an amphibian?

It is a amphibian

Do crawfish eat toads?

Crawfish are not known to eat toads. Crawfish like the meat like worms, shrimps and plants.

What is the crawfish state of the world?

Louisiana is the crawfish state of the world

What eat crawfish?

humans eat crawfish and they are also cannibals

What is the study of crawfish?

The study of crayfish (or crawfish) is called astacology.

Do crawfish eat corn?

no crawfish never eats corn

When was Crawfish Fiesta created?

Crawfish Fiesta was created in 1979.

Is a frog reptile or amphibian?

a frog is an amphibianAmphibian.

Is a dog an amphibian?

A dog is a mammal not a amphibian

What does a crawfish look like?

Crawfish look like tiny lobsters.

Is a crawfish a reptile?

No. A crawfish is a freshwater crustacean similar to shrimp and lobster.

Where is the largest source of crawfish in Louisiana?

largest source of crawfish in louisiana

What exactly do crawfish eat?

crawfish eat gold fish food

Is a crawfish a vertebrate?

A crawfish is an invertebrate. It has an exoskeleton (outside of the body).

What is the scientific name for an amphibian?


How do you create a crawfish pond?

get a tank and put crawfish in it with sand and decorations and food

What is the difference between a male or female crawfish?

I belive male crawfish are bigger.