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A credit crunch is related to your credit score, because it means that banks are especially strict about who they will lend to. They are less likely than usual to extend credit to someone with a low credit score, so maintaining a high score is even more important than usual.

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Q: Is a credit crunch related to my credit score?
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How can you avoid a credit crunch?

To avoid a credit crunch, you can make sure to get your yearly free Credit Reports. This will allow you to monitor your credit effectively and make sure your report is error free. Balancing how much you spend with how much you make will also make it easier to maintain a good credit score and help you to avoid the credit crunch.

Is 775 a good credit score?

According to video from the website in the related link, 775 is a very good credit score.

How have Credit crunch affected businesses?

The Credit Crunch has affected businesses in multiple ways, but the most devastating is not allowing businesses to get proper capital to be able to run effectively. Although it is more difficult to get credit these days it is not impossible. There are still lines available if you have a strong business credit score. I wouldn't count on using your personal credit thought to get a line for your business.

Is 629 a bad credit score?

A credit score of 629 is not a very bad credit score, but it is not a great credit score. A great score will be 700 and above.

Who looks at your credit score?

Banks, car dealerships and other people interested in loaning you money will refer to your credit score.Since the credit crunch of the early 2000s, there are a few parties who did not used to care about your credit score that are now interested, such as insurance companies and hiring jobs. Credit scores are becoming more and more important in today's world.

Is the credit score of 583 a good score?

583-619 is bad credit score in credit score range

What is financial credit crunch?

A financial 'credit crunch' is when there have to be budget deficits and contingency plans in place (should there be a worst case scenario)

Who planned the credit crunch?

No one planned it.

What year did the credit crunch start?


How do you find out what your credit score is for auto insurance?

Auto insurers take a credit score provided by one of the three (3) credit bureaus and then they add characteristics that would not be present on your credit score to come up with an internal score. The auto insurer does not need to tell you what your credit score was, however, they do need to let you know which credit report (and associated score) was used to arrive at their decision. There are a number of service provides that provide access to your credit score. A few of these service providers are represented in the related links section.

Is 606 a good credit score?

The credit score 606 is not an overly great credit score. it is a fair credit score. Credit scores of 700 and above are considered great.

Where do you get cinnamon taost crunch toast crunch trophy in millsberry?

yard sale or get a high score on the game.

What is a good range for a credit score?

Good credit score ranges between 680- 750 and above this range credit score is considered excellent. Check your credit score regularly to get an idea about your credit score regularly.

Will Bad Credit Score Disqualify My Loan Application?

Your credit score is an essential part of a successful application. SBA expert will assess your credit history with you to assess any mitigating situations related to derogatory reports.

Is credit an adjective?

No. Credit is a noun, or a verb (to credit, or recognize). It is widely used as a noun adjunct with related nouns: credit check, credit score, credit card (compound noun), and credit history.

Is FICO score and credit score the same thing?


What is a bad credit score?

425 is a bad credit score.

How bad its 520 credit score?

This is a fair credit score.

Who checks your credit score?

The three credit score companies.

How is your credit score computed?

Credit scores are personal information. If you can tell me how your credit score is computed then I will tell you how my credit score is computed. Okay?

Are countries helping the UK in the credit crunch?

hope not

Does your age affect your credit score?

No, but your credit history accounts for about 15% of your credit score.

You dont have a credit card can you still get your credit score?

If you have never bought anything on credit, you do not have a credit score.

Is 577 a bad credit score?

577 is a fairly poor credit score. To have a credit score that is acceptable, you want your score to be between 620-680.

Where can I get my credit score?

You can get your credit score online. You can go to,, or to get your score.