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Q: Is a cross connection when plumbing and electrical systems mix?
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What is A cross connection a when plumbing and electrical systems mix or b when two dissimilar piping materials are joined?

What is the correct answer? A cross connection is: A. when plumbing and electrical systems mix. B. when a faucet spout is below the flood ri of a fixture C. When two dissimilar piping materials are joined a

What is the definition of a plumbing cross connection?

what is a cross connection in plumbing

What is a cross connection in electrical?

Cross connections are errors in plumbing that can sometimes cause hazardous substances in water. The cross connections are found at water softener drains.

What is cross-connection?

A connection that crosses between two otherwise separate systems.

In plumbing what is a cross connection?

Where the pitable water supply comes into contact with water of questionable quality or source

Is cross connection when a faucet spout is below the flood rim of a fixture?

Cross connections in plumbing are any type of connection which is between the water and a source of contamination. This can cause the water supply to be contaminated.

Is a plumbing license requered to install a water softener?

Yes, because the non licensed people can cause a cross connection with the potable water system

What is the duration of Cross Connection?

The duration of Cross Connection is 2.08 hours.

When was Cross Connection created?

Cross Connection was created on 2009-05-01.

What are the ratings and certificates for Cross Connection - 2009?

Cross Connection - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: India:U

What has the author Marvin T Skodje written?

Marvin T Skodje has written: 'Water supply and plumbing cross-connections' -- subject(s): Cross-connections (Plumbing), Pollution, Water

When you run your washing machine and flush your toilet it fills up with hot water?

You have a cross connection welcome to the real world of non vacuum breakers ,air gaps and inept plumbing installations

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