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Is a dentist as qualified to do a root canal as an endodontist?

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Yes, legally all general dentists are qualified to do root canals. But, IMO not as qualified as an endodontist who has gone through 2-3 years of additional training in the specialty and does ONLY root canals all day rather than once/week.

I would only let an endodontist do my root canal and similarly (but more serious) I would only let a heart surgeon do my bypass surgery.

== == All Dentists are qualified to do root canals.

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Why would a regular dentist sent a patient to endodontist?

A patient would be referred to an endodontist if the patient needed a root canal procedure. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in root canal procedures.

What dentist should Hakim go to for an abscessed tooth that needs a root canal?

An endodontist

Who can do root canal treatment?

A root canal requires one or more office visits and can be performed by a dentist or endodontist. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and injuries of the human dental pulp or the nerve of the tooth.

Who does root canals?

Root canal treatment may be performed by a general dentist or by an endodontist, a dentist who specializes in endodontic (literally "inside of the tooth") procedures.

What is the specialty name for a dentist who specializes in root canals?

Endodontist It's an endodontist.

What do you call a doctor that does root canal?


What kind of dentists does root canals?

Root canal surgery is done by an endodontist.

Can you tell if a root canal is needed prior to putting on the crown?

A dentist can with an x-ray. Also, ask to see an endodontist, a root canal specialist, who can perform a couple of quick tests to check the vitality in the nerves of your tooth.

What would you call someone who specializes in root canal work?

Someone who specializes in root canal work is called an endodontist.

Do you ever need a second root canal on the same tooth?

Rarely, however there are times when a tooth does have to be re-treated. I would see your dentist/endodontist who treated the tooth.

How do you find a good endodontic if you need an apicoectomy apical surgery on tooth number 4 and that tooth has had a root canal plus you had the root canal re-done and the gum is sore?

To find a good endodontist, it's best to consult your dentist and he or she can refer you.

Are all dentist trained to do root canals?

Of course!!! They won't work on root canal if they're are not trained for it. Some dentist have assistance from a person that doesn't know much about root canal, but only to help the actual peraon doing the root canal.

Why would you need a root canal for tooth decay?

It's necessary to have endodontic or root canal treatment when the inside of your tooth (the pulp) becomes inflamed or infected as a result of deep decay, repeated dental procedures, faulty crowns or a crack or chip in the tooth.

What does an endodontist do?

Endodontists are specialized dentist, There area of work is focused on disease, damage to and repair of dental pulp. One of the most common procedures that involve Endodontists are root canal therapies, such as when cavities have penetrated crowns and infected/destroyed the underlying root tissues.

Tooth is in need of a root canal you have no cash how long before nerve dies or will it?

i worked for an endodontist(root canal dentist) IT WILL ABCESS!! talk about being in pain and lots of sweeling. the nerves wont just die. please get it pulled before it does abcess and dont wait until it hurts so bad that you cant stand it.

What is d3330 root canal therapy?

that is a root canal of a molar tooth. Meaning the dentist is removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth.

Do you need a root canal if your jaw hurts?

There are many reasons your jaw could hurt that do not require a root canal. The only way you can know if you need a root canal is to be examined by a dentist.

How much does a failed root canal job cost?

Call the dentist that did your root canal or any current dentist. When the nerve dies the tooth turns grey. Then the tooth has to be pulled. Depending on where your 'root canal' is, you may need a bridge or implant. This was my experience. Cost would depend on the dentist fee and insurance consideration. Blessings.

What if I'm having pain after a root canal?

Go back to the dentist.

What words do you dread dentist?

cavity, drill, root canal, oops

Can root canal be done after a tooth has been capped?

Yes, my dentist told me today I might need to go back for a root canal.

How many root canal in 15th of adult human tooth?

3 (the source is my dentist, he just referred me to get my root canal done on 15th)

What are the major duties and responsibilities of an endodontist?

An endodontist is responsible for treating and evaluating nerves, tissue, and pulp surrounding the teeth. Endodontists often treat infected root canal, and develops treatments for those suffering from dental issues.

Is composite core build up of root canal treatment contraindicated immediately?

Yes, a buildup is contraindicted immediately after a Root Canal Treatment. Primarily you want to make sure that root canal treatment is asymptomatic before placing any permanent restorations on the tooth. If the dentist or endodontist needs to re-enter the tooth bec. the root canal continues to give problems (pain, formation of abscess) it would be easier to remove the temporary filling. Should leave the temp. filling for 2 weeks and then if asymptomatic then do composite Buildup.

What happens when you have to have a root canal procedure repeated?

The first dentist screwed up if the procedure has to be repeated on the same tooth. Talk to the dentist and if necessary, a lawyer. Not true. The Long-Term success rate for initial root canal treatment will vary from 80-95%. (Any dental or medical procedure is not 100% predictable in the long-term, eg dental implants). In the 5-20% of teeth where root canal treatment is unsuccessful, retreatment may be needed. It does NOT necessarily mean that the dentist "screwed up" Retreatment involves drilling another hole in the tooth or crown, removing all the old filling material, cleaning, disinfecting, and placing a new root canal filling. Almost all dentists will refer you to an Endodontist for retreatment cases.