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Is a dicot a angiosperm?

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Yes. So is a monocot.

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Fir tree monocot or dicot?

It is neither it is a gymnosperm not an angiosperm and something can only be a monocot or a dicot if it is a angiosperm

Is radish angiosperm or gymnosperm?

A radish is a angiosperm , i is a dicot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is the Wisconsin Fast Plant a dicot?

Yes, it is dicot and it is an angiosperm.

What is a angiosperm with two cotyledons?

An angiosperm with two cotyledons is a dicot or Magnoliopsida.

Is a grape vine an angiosperm or gymnosperm?

A common grape is an angiosperm, (therefore is a dicot).

Is a beech tree an angiosperm or gymnosperm?

an angiosperm. It is a woody dicot. Gymnosperm trees are exclusively conifers

Is a Crape Myrtle A Gymnosperm?

No. Crape Myrtle is an angiosperm and a dicot.

Is a Douglas fir monocot or dicot?

its neither because the angiosperm leads to these two characteristics. The douglas fir is not an angiosperm, its a gymnosperm.

What type of seed has two cotyledons?

a dicot... that's a type of angiosperm

Is a lychee a monocot or dicot?

Neither it is a vascular, seedless plant, not an angiosperm.

Is ampalaya monocot?

No, ampalaya is not a monocot, it is a dicot. It is also a type of angiosperm, or flowering plant.

Which type of angiosperm has petals that grow in multiples of four?

A dicot angiosperm has 4 or 5 petals or in multiples of 4's or 5's. A monocot angiosperm has 3 petals or in multiples of 3's.

Is wheat a dicot angiosperm or a monocot angiosperm or a gymnosperm?

Wheat is not a gymnosperm: it has tiny flowers that are hidden from view - that makes it an angiosperm I think (but am not sure) that it is a monocot. Initially only one leaf emerges, enclosed in a hard casing called the coleoptile. If it only has one leaf initially, then it is monocot.

Is a western red cedar a monocot or dicot?

Neither, because it is not an angiosperm (flowering plant). A monocot (monocotyledon) is an angiosperm with one cotyledon (seed-leaf) while a dicot (dicotyledon) is an angiosperms with two cotyledons (seed-leaves). Western red cedars are gymnosperms. A gymnosperm has "naked seeds" meaning that the seeds (ovules) are not found in an ovary but rather on leaves, scales or in cones.

What is the main difference between an angiosperm and a non-angiosperm?

Angiosperm is a plant that produces flowers, non-angiosperm does not produce flower.

IS an oat a angiosperm or a angiosperm?

given the choices i say angiosperm

Is a bromeliad an angiosperm?

Yes. It is an angiosperm. More specifically, it is a monocot angiosperm.

Is tulsi a gymnosperm or angiosperm?

Tulsi or holy basil is an angiosperm

Is cotton a monocot or dicot?

It is a dicot, or dicotyledon

Is coleus a momocot or dicot?

It's a dicot (specifically a herbaceous dicot). It's a dicot (specifically a herbaceous dicot).

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