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Q: Is a dirt bike engine more advanced then a car engine?
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How a dirt bike engine works?

A dirt or trail bike engine works much like any other internal combustion engine. However, it may be a two stroke engine that reacts more quickly and has more torque. The transmissions on dirt bikes are often geared lower also.

How do you fix a 4 stroke dirt bike engine?

It would depend on what was wrong with the engine. More details are required.

What hurts more bike or dirt bike?

depends if you are wearing the protection for a dirt bike that is needed

Which is faster an ATV or a dirt bike?

dirtbikes are faster, atvs have a lot more weight that the engine has to pull. Dirt bikes are way faster.

Is hondas dirt bikes engines bigger than yamhas dirt bike engines?

Yes overall Honda engines are more advanced and there is a lot more more that are put into them. Honda bikes are faster and are built to last longer.

What is the difference between a pit dirt bike and a regular dirt bike?

A pit bike is a very small bike that is more to like mess around with in the pits hint hint and a regular dirt bike is alot larger more for trial riding or racing.

How do you stop a four stroke dirt bike engine from backfiring?

More than likely you have a exhaust leak.Check the headpipe seal

Differences between mountain bike and dirt bike?

a dirt bike has a motor mountain biking is arguably more "connected" to the trail and nature. it can also require much more excercise. a mountain bike is much lighter, and has less suspension travel dirt bikes are also more expensive, and require fuel decent dirt bike price= very good mountain bike price

Which is faster a 110cc dirt bike or a 450cc ATV?

It is very obvious that more power engine creates more power and the vehicle moves faster than the less power engine.

How do you give a dirt bike more power?

For a 2-stroke dirt bike all you have to do is, buy a taller cylinder, and buy a longer crankshaft.

Why does cc matter in a dirt bike?

CC refers to the engine displacement or in other words how big the motor is. Larger cc engines produce more power then a low cc engine can. When racing dirt bikes they require the engine size to be near the same size so that everyone has an equal chance in the race. For example: Racing a 125cc bike against a 500cc bike would be a one sided race. The 125cc bike would not have a chance against the power a 500cc bike puts out.

Why is a ktm dirt bike better than a Honda dirt bike?

They are quicker and more powerful and are like the Ferrari of the dirt bikes and are built for speed and racing and the Honda is like the Holden and Ford and is a basic dirt bike!

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