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Is a disco gram billable as surgery you thought it was a diagnostic procedure?

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2005-04-21 14:05:56

They are cutting into you....????? A discogram is a diagnostic

test performed to view and assess the internal structure of a disc

and determine if it is a source of pain. HOW IS IT DONE? The

patient is given intravenous medication as a relaxant and pain

reliever. A local anesthetic is injected into the patient's skin in

the area that is being examined. A needle is inserted through a

previously placed needle in the skin and into the disc under

fIuoroscopy. A saline solution and radiopaque dye are injected into

the disc or discs if more than one disc is being examined. A CT

scan is usually performed on the painful disc after the dye is

injected to obtain images of the dye distribution. This will

demonstrate anular tears, scarring, disc bulges and changes in the

nucleus of the disc. EXPECTED RESULTS: Recreation of painful

symptoms if the disc/discs is abnormal. Confirmation of a diagnosis

and/or determination of which disc/discs is the source of pain. HOW

LONG DOES IT TAKE? Thirty minutes plus an additional thirty minutes

if a CT is indicated plus recovery time of several hours. Copied

from the website below sur

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