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Probably, if has photographic identification.

Check with the plane or ferry operator.

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2010-02-12 21:42:03
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Q: Is a driving licence sufficient ID from London to Jersey in the Channel Islands?
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Do you need to take your UK passport with you when flying to the Channel Islands. Is a driving licence adequate identification?

If you are flying from the UK to the channel Islands it is ok.

Do you need a passport to travel to the Channel Islands from England?

You don't need a passport as such but you will need an identification document with a photograph. Other documents such as a driving licence may be acceptable. This is not for entry to the Channel Island but to identify yourself to the air or sea ferry company transporting you.

where could i change my local driving licence in international driving licence?

you can change your local driving licence in international driving licence by reporting to Licensing Authority.

What came out first TV licence or driving licence?

Driving licence - 1903 Tv licence - 1940 So obviously driving licences came out first! :)

How can you have a GCC driving license?

A driving licence from any of the GCC countries is accepted in any of the others, e.g. a UAE driving licence is accepted in Oman and vice versa, etc., so a driving licence from any of the GCC countries counts as a GCC licence.

Where to get driving licence?


Is it illegal not to have a photo driving license in the UK?

If you are licensed to drive in the UK you must have a driving licence, yes. This can be a photo card licence, or a paper licence.

Is there a difference between an International Driving Permit and an International Drivers License?

The international driving permit is a translation of your licence. It needs to be presented with your full licence, whatever the issuing country. The international driving licence is just that. it is a licence in it's own right. If you have a full driving licence from a country that is recognised by the international driving permit scheme then you only need a permit.

What is a gcc driving licence?

what is GCC driving licences

How long can you drive in the UK with a driving licence from an EU country?

You can use an EU driving licence in the UK until it expires.

Do you need driving licence for scooters?


What is an international driving licence?

An international driving licence (or license) is a multilingual guide to the information on the driver's license issued by the government in your country, state, province, etc. The international driving licence does not allow you to drive without your government-issued licence, it simply allows authorities in other countries to understand the information on that licence.

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