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Is a eletromagnet with a six volt lantern battery really powerful or not?

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Does a electromagnet work without a battery?

Electro Magnets can work without battery power, hook up a really powerful solar panel and a resister to circulate an even current, add strands of copper wire and coil them around a tube to make them circular. hook them up to the solar panels to make the electro magnet's power circulate through the wire!! I tried it and its fun!

Can the strength of an electromagnet be changed by changing the voltage of the Power Source?

Yes. That's really the only way you have of changing thestrength of the electromagnet while it's operating.

Is Makita LXT tools more powerful then Dewalt XRP tools?

DeWalt XRP is just a battery. It stands for "Extended Run-Time Performance" It just means it has a longer lasting battery, not that it's really more powerful, but the good batteries are generally put on the better DeWalt tools. The voltage of the battery is going to be the major limit to how much power it has. The advantage of the LXT tools is the power to weight ratio the LXT is 18 volt with the weight of 12 volt tools. Its not more powerful in over all power but it is more powerful for its weight class.

What burns in a Chinese lantern?

i really don't know at all maybe its a candle or something

How powerful are floods?

they are really powerful because they can damage any thing

Are there variables hard to control in an electromagnet experiment?

well it really depends on which experiment you are carrying out, but usually no.

When did Samurai's become powerful?

They began to be really powerful in the late Heian Period.

Did a lantern really start the Chicago Fire?

The cause of the Great Chicago Fire remains unknown.

How powerful is the eye of the typhoon?

Generally, the eye of a typhoon is calm, so it is not really powerful.

Where do they sell the green lantern ring?

There are some places on line that have them; Arroba Silver has a really nice one.

What where Halloween lanterns really for?

because when the first lantern gets lit all the people then know that its halloween!

Why are there more thumbtacks attached in electromagnet b as compared to electromagnet a?

I'm having a lot of trouble seeing the picture that goes along with this question in the book, so I'll have to take a wild guess based on no information. My guess is that electromagnet 'b' has more current flowing in its wire coil than electromagnet 'a' has. Another possibility is that the current through both coils is the same, but the coil of electromagnet 'b' is wound with more turns of wire than the coil of electromagnet 'a' is. It's just a guess. To be sure, I really need to see that picture.

Harder to drive more powerful car?

no its not,,,,,is really easier to drive a more powerful car

What is the name of the most powerful type of fan?

In my opinion, I think the Patton Fans are really powerful.

An electromagnet is needed in order for a car to run?

Yes, the starter for one, and really any electrical motor in the car.

Where can you buy cheap battery?

i just entered a giveaway,really hope i can win the battery.

Where are electromagnets found?

An electromagnet is a piece of metal that can be affected by magnetism (usually iron) that is wrapped in a electric conducting thread or wire (usually copper wire.) A really easy way to make an electromagnet yourself is to take a iron nail and wrap it in some copper wire. Then just connect the two ends of the wire and connect it to a AA battery. Test it by using the end of the nail to pick up some paper-clips and such.

What type is powerful against rock?

WATER TYPE is powerful on ROCK TYPE. Really EFFECTIVE. Trust Me.

What powerful caliphate lasted from 750 to 1258?

The Abbassid Caliphate, although admittedly, after 1100, it was really not that powerful.

How do you see a atom?

You Need a really powerful Microscope

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