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yes it is. the bearded dragon likes to f**k fancy mice right in the a&* all the time

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Q: Is a fancy mouse a good treat for a bearded dragon lizard?
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Can a 12 inch bearded dragon eat a hopper mouse?

Bearded dragons do not eat mice, they eat vegetables and insects.

What kind of a predator is a bearded dragon?

An insectivore. That means it eats insects such as locusts, crickets, mealworms, waxworms and the odd pinky mouse or day old chick.

Can a lizard eat a mouse?

Depends, if its a big lizard, then it will eat the mouse, but if its a small lizard, it might get eaten by the mouse itself x].

What does Mussaurus mean?

Mouse lizard.

Should you feed your Bearded Dragon a mouse?

yes!provides them with the neccisary proteins and calcium they need for growth. It is also a good treat and should only be given once a month.

What is the best pet mouse?

the best mouse to keep for a pet is female fancy mouse

Does a pinky mouse cause a bearded dragon to have liver failure if eatin?

Nope - so long as you don't feed too many ! One a month is an adequate addition to their normal diet.

What is the most common mouse for a 9 year old girl?

probably a Fancy Mouse

Can a girl fancy mouse get pregnant without a male mouse in the cage?

maybe or maybe not

Will a prairie lizard eat a mouse?

No. They eat insets. A tarantula would eat a baby mouse.

Can a lizard turn into a mouse?

No, a lizard will never turn into an iguana. They are two different animals.

Where are they most likely to have a fancy mouse?

Most petstores