Is a fiesta a party

Updated: 12/18/2022
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yes a fiesta is a party.

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Q: Is a fiesta a party
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How do you write fiesta in spanish?

Fiesta is fiesta. In English it means Latin party, in spanish it just means party.

How do you say they came to the party in spanish?

vienes a la fiesta? (are you coming to the party) or vas a la fiesta? (are you going to the party)

Describe a Mexican fiesta?

A fiesta is a party.

What is a 'fiesta?

Fiesta is simply the Spanish word for party.

How do you say great fiesta in Spanish?

As in a really good party, "Una fiesta buenisimo". As in a really big party, "Una fiesta grande".

Where is the airbag module on a 2001 fiesta?

A fiesta is spanish for party.

What is the spanish word for party?

Party = fiesta

Casa fiesta what does this word mean?

Casa - House/home Fiesta - party However "Casa Fiesta" is not grammatically correct to mean "House party". It would mean something like "House of party"

What is spanish translation for great party?

Depaending on your adjective it could be: fiesta super (accent on u), fiesta fantastica (accent on second a), fiesta buena, or fiesta mejor (better/best party).

What is Una Fiesta?

a party

What does 'fiesta' mean?

A party.

When does the fiesta party begin on club penguin?

The 2009 Club Penguin Fiesta party starts on Friday, January 23. ----