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No, they are two different fruits from two different species of tree.

Fig - Ficus carica
Date - Phoenix dactylifera

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Q: Is a fig and a date the same thing?
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Is a date a fig?

No, it is a fruit from a date palm.

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maybe you are refering to a fig newton.. a brand of cookies.

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Its like a fig but a bit bigger :)

Is a date a dried fig?

A date is the edible fruit of the date palm tree. Dried plums are called prunes.

How many calories in a dried date?

I have read 21 and 35, probably depends on the size of the fig. The higher number was for a "medium" sized fig.

What is double date from the 1920's?

Still mean the same thing, for two couples to go on a date together.

Is the fig and peach are the same fruit?

No. Do a google search of images.

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