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Is a flash drive storage?


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Yes, a flash drive stores information.

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Flash disk is a storage while flash drive is a path.

No, its not an optical storage device.

The flash drive has no moving parts and thus is faster than the traditional spinning drive storage devices.

A Flash drive is a small memory storage device that you plug into your computer. It is not something that can be downloaded.

mainly if you want to save movies/videos/music/pictures/other files on your computer "harddrive" storage/ choose Drive C:// or if you want it on a flash drive which is removable storage devices/ choose another drive / "example, Drive F:// so now you know. i recommend removable storage... on a flash drive/ portable flash drive.

Secondary storage is called permanent storage, can be a hard drive, DVD, CD or a flash drive. They are to be inserted into the hard drive. It is called a backup hard drive.

The secondary storage can be a partition on your main drive or another hard drive (internal or external) or a USB flash drive.

Secondary storage, also called permanent storage, can be a hard drive, DVD, CD, or a USB (flash) drive.

Flash Drive, external hard drive

Hard driveFlash driveDigital tape

password can be kept for long doesn't

It's a storage device, much like a flash drive or dvd drive now.

neither. a flash drive is a removeable storage device.

That would be like a flash drive, or a cd

A USB flash drive or SD card

they vary from 64Mb to 64Gb (or thereabouts)

Nope. Flash drives don't use magnetic storage.

A flash drive is classified as a storage device; the computer it is connected to will both store and retrieve data from the flash drive, and hence it is both an input and output device.

A floppy drive is just like a flash drive. It's used for file storage

Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Compact Disk(CD Drive)

A flash drive plugs into the USB port. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.

Internal storage is storage inside a computer, like a hard drive. External storage is storage outside a computer, like a Flash drive.

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