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yes they go through school just as a regular scientist does.

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A Forensic Scientist and A Csi Forensic scientist are the same there is no change in what you do. The only change is where you work.

A forensic scientist is a person who analyzes the evidence at a crime scene.

what is the retirement plan do to forensic scientist have

Watcg NCIS and abby is the forensic scientist

A forensic scientist is someone that study's blood and blood spatters

You most attend a school to learn about forensic scientist or a forensic anthropologist in order to become a professional.

How much does a forensic scientist make in a year an if i go to college how many years would it take me to become a forensic scientist.

* Steps 1. Step One Decide if you would like being a forensic scientist or a science technician. * Being a forensic scientist is pretty stressful. * A bad thing about being a forensic scientist is that you have to work with very dangerous chemicals. * The real challenge of being a forensic scientist is testifying in the courtroom as an expert witness.

A forensic scientist would probably earn about £200,000 a year

The title of "forensic scientist" is a more general label, while forensic biologists focus specifically on living forensics. I would guess that forensic biology falls under the umbrella of forensic science.

Yes, molecular biology is a great major to have when you go in for forensics training. It really depends on the type of forensic scientist you want to become (eg. a biological forensic examiner would do well with a bio-based background).

To be a forensic scientist, you have to stay in school for at least 7-8 years. But it dempends on what forensic school you attend.

Honestly Im not sure. I been trying to find this out to. After watching forensic files for a few months it makes me want to become a forensic scientist. Sounds a cool job. If anyone knows the answer to this question please answer it cause I really want to know as well

As far as I understand, forensic science would be the "police scientifique" so a forensic scientist would be a "scientifique de la police scientifique".

what training and education does a forensic scienstist takes ?

The forensic scientist helped the agents solve the case.

its bad to be a forensic scientist because you have to investergate different crimes and see dead bodys

The benefits of being a forensic scientist is THEY DO ANYTHING THEY WANT LOSERS!!!!

No one studies it and the other detects it...

As, physicist, what can i contribute to the field of forensic science?

Forensic scientists analyze evidence at a crime scene. A forensic pathologist is different; they are the ones that examine the corpses.

a forensic scientist can extract DNA from all living things and some dead things too

It takes up to twelve years. After that you will get your degree. Then you are free to become a forensic scientist, because you have to be a doctor first of course.

if a forensic scientist gets paid $20000 a year at first then they would make $54 -$60 daily. does that answer your question?

almost every country have their own forensic scientist, which help them in solving criminal casses and other medical related problem

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