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Everything that is ever "in" a hard drive is in it from the time it's first made. The only changes made when something is written is in placement of things that are already contained therein. Therefore, the actual weight cannot change. There has to be some kind of in the physical makeup of the hard drive for the weight to change, and this only happens while the computer is on (electric current passes through). When the computer is off, the hard drive is made up of exactly the same components no matter how much has been written to it. Those components don't change in weight.

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Q: Is a full hard drive heavier than an empty hard drive?
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How do you delete files from a full hard drive?

drag them to trash, empty trash

Full form of hdd?

hard drive

Why do you need a new hard drive?

If your current hard drive is full and there's no files that you're willing to delete or you're old hard drive fried.

How do you transfer all memory from an xbox 360 hard drive to another xbox360 hard drive?

You need an Xbox 360 transfer cable. Connect it to your console along with the hard drive that has all your memory in. Then get the empty hard drive and connect it with the transfer cable and start the transfer.

Full form of ata hard disk drive?

full for of ata sata

What kind of external hard drive works best with a Mac?

Any Firewire hard drive is best for a MAC. You can get either an empty one and install the software yourself or can buy the external hard drive with software pre loaded.

What do you do when your laptop drive d is full?

Put it on back up or get a new hard drive

What is full form of HDD in computer?

Hard Disk Drive

If you have a new hard drive do you use the full retail version of windows?


Will removing my hard drive from the computer delete it?

no, the data stored on the hard drive will remain there. as soon as you connect the hard drive back up to the computer you will once again have full access to it like it was neither touched.

What does Failed to load kernel library mean?

Your hard drive may be either full of nearly full.....

How do you find out when LimeWire is full?

LimeWire is never "full." The music files you download are stored on your hard drive, usually in your Shared folder. Thus, the only limit to the number of songs you can download is the capacity of your hard drive.

Where can you check to see if hard drive is full?

Open My Computer and right-click on the drive icon. Then click "Properties."

Is it better to install more memory or buy an extra external hard drive if the c drive is nearly full?

personally i'd say buy an external hard drive, as it will be much easier

Which one is heavier-an empty 320 GB hard disk or a fully loaded 320 GB hard disk?

Umm, if your talking about weight they weigh the same. Memory is stored digitally and does not add any weight.

Full form of PATA hard drive older?

parallel advanced technology attachment

Why wont my recent games show up on my gamercard?

your hard drive is probably full

Internal hard drive to external hard drive?

if you want to know if you can go from internal hard drive to external hard drive, then the answer is yes. you can purchase an internal hard drive and external hard drive

How full should you let your hard drive get?

You should allow at least 10% free drive space, for proper functioning of the computer.

What is an other name for hard drive?


Can you recycle or write over old data on a hard disc?

The short answer is a 'yes' - when a file is deleted from a hard-drive, the data is still there, only the path is removed. The computer assumes that the space is now empty, so can write over the supposed empty space.

Why it is showing error no space in hard disk?

The space on the hard disk is full delete some data from the hard drive it will be ok or add more hard disk in the system

How do you remove all data from a hard drive?

Connect to one your computers and make full format.

What is virtul memory?

Virtual Memory is space in the hard drive that acts as memory when the RAM is full.

Do you lose everything in your apps when you reformat your mac?

Yes, when you "reformat" it erases the hard drive completely. It will be an empty drive, you will have to reinstall the OS from your disk/Apple internet or reinstall from a back-up after you do it.