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No. A gift basket should express a sentiment toward the recipient. The only sentiment at a funeral is empathy and condolences which are not part of a gift basket.

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Q: Is a gift basket proper for a funeral?
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What is proper sympathy gift for Hindu funeral?

a bow and arrow you want to make it real special

Where can I purchase a wine holiday gift basket?

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Can I put gift certificates in a gift basket?

Yes. But be sure the the gift certificate relates to the theme of the contents of the gift basket.

How big can a gift basket be for any occasion?

There is no limit to the size gift basket you can get for an an occasion.

Basket is proper noun?

Basket is a common noun. Not a proper noun.

Where can I buy a healthy gift basket? Also, you could purchase a basket and hand make a healthy gift basket yourself!

What would be a good holiday gift basket to bring to a party?

it depends what the party is for and who the gift basket is for. but usually a fruit basket, or a shower and lotion basket are the most popular baskets.

How expensive is a baby Einstein gift basket?

Baby Einstein gift baskets can be expensive. An individual can create your own gift basket rather than purchasing a baby Einstein gift basket in order to save money.

A Gift Basket Filled with Goodies is a Welcome Gift?

Give a gift basket to someone you love, and the person is sure to appreciate your kindness. Gift baskets contain all sorts of items. You can buy a gift basket that has different kinds of nuts, such as almonds and cashews, or a gift basket that has gourmet fruits, such as perfect apples and pears. Gift baskets containing different varieties of wine are available, as well as gift baskets that contain a variety of gourmet snack foods. Cookies, cheesecake and other pastries make a lovely gift basket for someone special. Choosing a gift basket is easy, and giving a gift basket is a convenient way to let a person know you care.

Where can someone find a corporate Christmas gift basket?

Many companies specialize in gift baskets, including: The Gift Basket Pros, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Holiday Gifts & Baskets, Gift Basket Plus, Gift Tree, and Gift Basket Village. For a local retailer, try Harry & David, which offers a variety of gift baskets and features a "Store Locator" function to find the closest such store.

Where can you purchase gift baskets for a new family?

There are numerous sites online where one can purchase a gift basket, it all depends on the type of gift basket you want. Some sites offer gift baskets with fruit, others with cookies, and others with candy. Gift Basket Village, GourmetGiftBaskets, and Hayneedle are all good sites to for selecting a gift basket.

What are some unique theme ideas for Christmas gift baskets?

According to the Gift Baskets website, there are several different unique gift basket ideas out there. One could theme the gift basket to match the unique hobby of the recipient. Another theme idea may include a relaxing theme gift basket, or a team-themed gift basket.

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