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Is a gray fox a vertebrate?


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Yes, gray foxes are vertebrates as are all foxes as well as all mammals.


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The gray fox is a vertebrate.

The red fox is a vertebrate as are all mammals.

A fox is already a vertebrate as it has a spine.

A fox is a vertebrate in the mammal classification.

A fox is a vertebrate. Any animal with bones is a vertebrate, i.e., the fox. An invertabrate, for example, would be the starfish.

wolves are vertebrates so there for gray wolves are vertebrates (vertebrate-has a backbone).

The gray fox is nocturnal or crepuscular.

See the image above of a gray fox.

yes a red fox is a vertebrate because it is a mammal and all mammals are vertebrates

If it has backbones that means its a vertebrate

It is a vertebrate because it has a spine

its a vertebrate, cos its a mammalvertabrae

No, the Arctic fox is a vertebrate.

No, the gray fox is in no danger of extinction.

The gray fox is Urocyon cinereoargenteus.

It's gray color gives the name.

a red fox is related to a gray fox

Any fox is a vertebrate. So the answer to your question is vertebrate. In order for an animal to be a vertabrate it has to have vertebrae, and vertabrae are pretty much back bones.

There is no such thing as an Italian gray fox.

No, the gray fox is a placental mammal and not a mursupial.

The gray fox is a secondary consumer,

The red fox is. The gray fox is smaller then the red fox. the red fox is the bigest of the foxes

The gray fox is classified as Urocyon cinereoargenteus.

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