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This can be quite possible. There are many emotional and mental ties to sex and sexuality that we form over the course of our lives. Sometimes, shame is one of the greatest of these. There is potential that he did indeed feel dirty or "wrong" for what he was doing. If you like this guy, try to promote a healthier attitude towards sex and sexuality... his mind and heart have to enjoy the act, too!


Unfortunately, a lot of people of both sexes still think sex is "dirty". The power of puritan attitudes is very great.


Probably. Most guys would be inclined the other way if only for bragging rights. If a guy says this then the most likely explanation is he's being sincere. With the history of sexual relations it is quite likely that the old 'shame promotes responsibility' philosophy is still making its impact felt. In such a situation (I'm sorry to say) you are going to have to make the effort to be the mature one and do the right thing to promote a more amenable philosophy and relationship.


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Who is telling the truth in the movie rashomon?

The woodcutter is telling the truth.

Is telling the truth a verb or a noun?

"Telling" is a verb. "The truth" is a noun.

Why is telling the truth important?

Telling the truth is important cos it makes you an honest person.

Is it a crime to post someones name along with their dirty laundry on Craigslist?

no its perfectly legal as long as you are telling the truth. you cant be wrong if your right now can you?

What are examples of dishonesty?

Examples of dishonesty would be not telling the truth. Examples of dishonesty would be not telling the truth.

What are the 5 examples of the slogan about honesty?

"Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people."

Are you telling a lie?

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Most of the time. Its answered by everyday ordinary people so they could be liars or telling the truth.

If you are on your own and a guy comes to you and asks you out is he telling the truth?

definitely he must have been petrified.. im sure he was telling the truth

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Talk to your boyfriend in person. And tell him to his face that u didnt like anyone else, and that you are telling the truth.

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When you want to find the truth, do your own research.

What is factual communication?

It is telling the truth.

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That your telling the truth.

How do you know a man is telling the truth when he says he loves you?

If he tells you when sex is not involved and he tells you on the spur of the moment then he is likely telling the truth.

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Tom hopes to gain people's trust by telling the truth. This is from a book by Mark Twain.

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then try not to lie so much and start telling the truth..... trust me just try then try not to lie so much and start telling the truth..... trust me just try

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How do you tell when your boyfriend isn't telling the truth?

if he realy likes you then he tells the truth

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Yes, it is. It is the "person" adjective for the word truth (telling the truth).

What does honestly mean?

it means that they are telling the truth

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You need to tell the police the truth.The truth was never known.Are you telling me the truth?The truth is that she is planning a surprise party for you.

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