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I believe the hello kitty is appropraite for an six year old girl. The thing is if you let them listen to age appropriate things or not.i believe that is up to the parent or guardian.


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One might go to purchase a Hello Kitty CD boombox in person or online. Stores like Target sell this item. Alternatively, eBay and other online retailers carry the Hello Kitty CD boombox.

Hello Kitty boomboxes appear to be primarily, if not exclusively pink and white, as seen here: This, however is by no means an exhaustive list of Hello Kitty boomboxes.

No way is Hello Kitty evil. hello kitty is nice. She is a child appropriate cartoon character. The FAN ART might be bad but hello kitty herself is good.

Hello Kitty boomboxes can be purchased from Argos, larger branches of Tesco and Asda and other electrical outlets. They can also be found easily on Amazon.

Yes, she does have a little tail!

hello kitty is very very popular. She's the most popular kitty in the world!!!!!Hello Kitty is popular because she is just really cute and seems to be a hit with a lot of little girls! Also women in their 30 like and live Hello Kitty in Japan! Hello Kitty is just a cute little bundle of Japanese cartoon joy so that is why she is loved so much!

The role of a Hello Kitty Party is to allow little children to have fun for a special occasion, such as a birthday party. The Hello Kitty theme is usually used for girls.

Hello means she says hello to every one and Kitty means she is a kitty. Hello kitty.

Yes, there are quite a few:Hello Kitty: Big City DreamsHello Kitty and friendsHello Kitty DailyHello Kitty PartyHello Kitty: Birthday AdventuresThere is also a Wii game:Hello Kitty SeasonsAlso Gameboy games:Hello Kitty Cube FrenzyHello Kitty: Happy Party Pals

In the very beginning, Hello Kitty, did not have a name. It was first seen as a kitty with a little red bow on its left ear, sitting down. However, Hello Kitty instantly attracted respect and love of thousands of people in Japan with its cute design and character, which turned Hello Kitty into an instant celebritythis cute kitty was finally given a name, called Hello Kitty. The very first item which featured Hello Kitty was a wallet, which was a very tiny purse with the picture of Hello Kitty embriod on its side. Hello Kitty's family was also introduced.T

Hello Kitty was originally Japanese, and 'Hello Kitty' is the English translation.

No. The "rumor" is that a little girl with cancer of the mouth, her parents made a pact with the devil to make to worldwide fame a character alluring to children in exchange for their daughters return to health. The fatuous account "kitty" in Chinese is "demon" so it is "Hello Demon" But, Hello Kitty is Japanese, not Chinese. So Hello Kitty is not a little girl with cancer in her mouth.

A Hello Kitty Nohohon is a Hello Kitty statue thing that usally works by sun and moves some part of its body. Hello Kitty Nohohon stands for Hello Kitty Relaxation.

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character. She represents a little third grade girl in an alternate universe.

no, hello kitty does not have a cousin

sugar,a little hampster or... hello kitty her owner who she loves lots!

hello kitty doesnt exsist okay! & it's were does hello kitty LIVE get it straight.!

Hello Kitty is most definitely not the devil.

Hello Kitty is NOT CHINESE! Hello Kitty is a toy made in Japan not China.

You would probably go on google and type Hello Kitty online or Hello Kitty or Hello Kitty website or you could type in

Yeh hello kitty is the cutest cartoon kitty EVER!!!!!!

Hello Kitty has a sister called mimmy Hello Kitty also has a more cat version of her called Charmmy Kitty

hello kitty was invented in Japan.

Hello KITTY suggests that it is a CAT.

No, Hello Kitty does not have a brother.

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