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Introduced by Sanrio in 1974, Hello Kitty has become one of the most recognizable cultural icons in Japan. Hello Kitty, along with Sanrio characters Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, and Chococat, is also a prime example of "kawaii", or cuteness in Japanese pop culture.

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Hello Kitty

Is hello kitty demonic?

An old story says it is. Apparently, a 14 year old girl had mouth cancer the doctors had already said they couldn't do anything. After they crushed their hope for the cancer to go away, the mother desparately turned to the devil, the devil promised to cure her daughter if she promised to make a doll for him; one that everybody would like. So, they made hello kitty; hello meaning hola, hello, in spanish, and kitty coming from the Chinese orgin definition meaning devil.

So it says hello devil.

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Hello Kitty

What does kitty mean in Chinese?


Hello Kitty

Is Domo a hello kitty character?


Hello Kitty

Does hello kitty like pie?

No she doesn't, but she does love cookies that Mimmy bakes (her twin sister bakes) :)


Hello Kitty

What does hello kitty wear for school?

kitty wears a yellow t shirt and red overalls.

Hello Kitty

What is the name of hello kitty's cat?

Charmmy Kitty. She is a gift to her from Papa George (Hello Kitty's dad).

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Hello Kitty

How well do hello kitty products sell?

i would say very well i see people walking around with hello kitty stuff i mean alot of hello kitty stuff.

Hello Kitty
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Where can you find hello kitty high heels for women?

Try Craigslist they usually have some interesting stuff. If that doesn't work try to search hello kitty high heels in the search bar on your computer. Google is the best way to go.

Hello Kitty

Why is Hello Kitty the devil?

The story is that there was a woman that did cartoons, and her daughter had cancer in her mouth. So she asked God to help and he didn't So she asked the devil if you cure my daughter then i will make a cartoon for you, that represents you. So the devil helped her and so she made a cartoon that doesn't have a mouth. Hello kitty.

Hello Kitty

How does hello kitty eat with no mouth?

Well Hello Kitty does have a mouth but it is just not shown in her general pictures. If you were to watch one of her televisions then you would see that she does.

Hello Kitty

Is Hello Kitty a Chinese person?

Hello Kitty is NOT CHINESE! Hello Kitty is a toy made in Japan not China.

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Where to find hello kitty high heels for women?

As opposed to Hello Kitty high heels for men? Try eBay.

Hello Kitty

The real story about hello kitty?

kitty is actually nick named after the person who created it . kitty doesn't have a mouth because when people see it they can be sad and happy without telling what kittty is.

Hello Kitty

What is the scary true story of hello kitty?

One scary story is that Kitty means devil in Japanese, and that a long time ago, a lady had a daughter who had mouth cancer and she made a deal with the devil to create Hello Kitty if he healed her daughter. This is why Hello Kitty has no mouth, because it symbolizes the daughter. So supposedly, Hello Kitty is bad and is the devil.

While this makes for an interesting story, there is no word in Chinese for the word devil that even comes close to the word "kitty". This is just a story.

Hello Kitty

Who are hello kitty's enemies?

Pedo bear,Teletubies,Blues Clues,Barney and My mom ;)

Hello Kitty

How much is Hello Kitty worth?

In Build-a-Bear-Workshop It $22

Hello Kitty

Did hello kitty died?

Well I'm pretty sure she'd never die if she's a made up cartoon. She'd be living till the end of time. Practically living forever.

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Hello Kitty

What does hello mean?

The word hello has been credited to Thomas Edison, specifically as a way to greet someone when answering the telephone; according to one source, he expressed his surprise with a misheard Hullo. Alexander Graham Bell initially used Ahoy-hoy (as used on ships) as a telephone greeting. However, in 1877, Edison wrote to T.B.A. David, the president of the Central District and Printing Telegraph Company of Pittsburgh:

Friend David, I do not think we shall need a call bell as Hello! can be heard 10 to 20 feet away. What you think? Edison - P.S. first cost of sender & receiver to manufacture is only $7.00.

By 1889, central telephone exchange operators were known as 'hello-girls' due to the association between the greeting and the telephone.

Etymological answer: Hello ( or hullo) originally meant "stop, there!" It derives from the French holà, and entered the English language with William the Conqueror.
Hello is a word used in greeting someone, such as--> "Hello! How are you today?"
hello means salutation or greeting in English language
"Hello" is a basic English greeting.

Other words for hello are "hi" or "greetings!"

Hello Kitty

Who has invented hello kitty?

Hello Kitty was designed by Yuko Shimizu for the Sanrio corporation in 1974.

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Hello Kitty

How do you say 'sorry' in Chinese?

'Sorry' in Chinese is 'dui bu qi'. In Chinese characters it is '对不起'.

Hello Kitty

Do hello kitty have any friend?

She has many friends. She has Chococat, Keroppi, Deery- Lou, My Melody, Badtz-Maru, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll and many more :)

Hello Kitty

Why was hello kitty made for Satan?

This is purely an urban legend. There is no factbehind it.

The story says that a 12 year old girl had oral cancer, and she was dying. The parents, frantic, made a deal with the devil to save her life. They made Hello Kitty as a tribute to the devil that would appeal to children. Hello Kitty had no mouth because of the child's oral cancer.

Hello Kitty

How much is a hello kitty laptop?

Most websites are pricing it around $1,750.00 US. The full retail price is $2,199.00 US.

Hello Kitty

How do you make a hello kitty doll?

build a bear workshop has a hello kitty doll. or you could make one out of a white cat stuffed animal and put a bow on it. Hello, Kitty. :)

Hello Kitty

Does hello kitty's past have to do something with the devil?

Yes, hello kittyz past dose have to do something w/ the devil. Infact i learned through research that a little girlz mom invented hello kitty. Hello kitty was invented because her daughter had canser in her mouth. That mother made a deal w/ the devil because supposeably she prayed to God for help w/ her daughter and he didn't help her. Because eventual, that little girl that she loved so much died. So, she told the devil that if he helped her she would create a charter for him hence hello kitty. Another headz up their iz a reason why hello kitty doesn't have a mouth. Remember about the mouth canser? That's why. So, i hope i helped you w/ your question. thanks for your time.

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