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Even with the abundance of laptops, tablets, and smartphones in most offices and classrooms, the need to write is still ever present. Pens and pencils are still a main staple in the contents of most desks worldwide.

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Pens and Pencils

What comes first in alphabetical order pen or pencil?

pen--because alphabetical order depends on factors:

-Alphabet letters, literally (spaces DO NOT make them differ)

-If similar thus far, the shorter one comes first

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What is the mass of a pencil?

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Pens and Pencils

Which is longer a 12 cm pencil or a 1 dm pen?

a 12 cm pencil is longer

Pens and Pencils

What is a group of pencils called?

There is no collective noun for pencils, maybe be you could use 'bunch'.

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Who invented the biro or ballpoint pen?

The first crude ballpoint pen was patented in 1888 by John Loud, an American leather tanner.

The next stage of development came almost fifty years after Loud's patent, with an improved version invented in Hungary in 1935 by László József Bíró (September 29, 1899 - November 24, 1985) and his brother.
It was john loud in 1888 ..and then redisigned by laslo biro in 1938.
It went through many developments and patents, first begun in 1888 by John Loud with the first patent. It didn't work well, even though he got funding to produce it in Argentina with the help of the government there, it kind of flopped. Something to do with gravity. It went through many more stages based on his patent, and in 1938 Laszlo Biro was given credit for inventing the first ballpoint pen. It still went on thru many changes to get to the one we know today.

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What is a kenning for pencil?

story writer

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Is a pencil a solid liquid or gas?


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What is a pencil lead made out of?

A pencil consists of a thin stick of pigment (usually graphite, but can also be coloured pigment or charcoal) and clay, usually encased in a thin wood cylinder, though paper and plastic sheaths are also used.

(Lead) from a pencil is actually graphite which is 100% carbon

Graphite and carbon black, all elementary Carbon (C)

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How do you fix your wacom bamboo pen?

Here are some instruction, (see the related link below) with pictures. Do it at own risk.

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What is the percentage of lead in pencil?


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Autobiography of a pencil?

Long ago I lived with my family and friends in a beautiful deep dark forest…Oh! what fun we had..The wind would whistle through our branches where birds built their nests.Squirrels hid their nuts in the holes in our barks,while small animals and snakes wound in and out at the base…But in the name of civilization,wood cutters came and began clearing the forest…They began at the outskirts..We could hear the screams of our friends and relatives..Soon it was our day..The lumbermen came and hacked at the base of our tree..for three long hours…after several hours of painful ordeal we fell down with a thump….the smaller branches were sent to the pencil factory, while the main trunk went to the saw mill to be made into furniture…I was the piece that went to the pencil factory.

Here began the next stage of torture..They shaved out our outer skin, and I screamed in pain..But no one came to my rescue..Then they cut us into requisite pieces, and cleaved us into half..A piece of graphite was placed inside and we were sealed tight. Then came the most beautiful part…We were painted in different hues..Red black gold etc, and then in gold lettering they wrote:Apsara extra dark-HB I was feeling so proud of myself….

We were then packed in separate boxes and sent to the wholesale and retail outlets..Tom came and bought me..But he was a cruel owner..He sharpened me with his newly bought cutter and I changed hands several times….I then came to you..You were a nice owner. So please don't throw me away…

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What is the mass of a pencil case?


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What is a pencil?

An instrument that is used for writing or to draw lines with. It is a long, narrow object, made of wood with a graphite core. In addition, also you can sharpen it when the graphite writing tip wears down.

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How do sharpen a pencil with out a pencil sharpener?

I hardly ever use a sharpener to sharpen pencils, actually, because it's hard to get a good point. Get an Exacto knife (I think that's how you spell it), and scrape off the top of the pencil equally, going all around the pencil. If you've done that, but the tip still isn't sharp enough, just scrape off the lead, not the wood underneath it. Here are some more in depth/other methods:

Sharpening with a knife

A knife is the most versatile method of sharpening a pencil. It can take a little practice but it's a very useful skill to master. Make sure you cut away from yourself and preferably over a bin. With softer leads try cutting smaller bits at a time to prevent breaking.

Using sand paper

This is a neat little trick that I use regularly. Try clipping a little piece of sandpaper to your drawing board and if your pencil starts getting a little blunt just run it over the paper a few times to bring the point back. This is especially useful during quick figure drawings when there is no time to get out your sharpener.

Paper wrapped charcoal

This is a very neat way to sharpen charcoal pencils. Simply pull back the string a little then peel off a roll of paper. The best thing about this method is you are left with the 'bullet point' style of sharpened pencil, very nice!


You could also use scissors. Just simply grab any scissors (any kind) then just cut until it's sharp. I have tried this myself and it can get very sharp
You can use a knife but a sharpener is best
You can use a pocket knife (or any sharp carving knife, for that matter) to define the point of a pencil. Although, achieving a good point is difficult, so a sharpener is preferred.
Use a knife. It works.

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Why is the pencil used in drawing a line in paper chromatography and not a ball pen?

Because the ink from the pen will run and smear during the chromatography but the pencil mark is not affected.

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What is the similarity between pens and pencils?

Well, you write with both of them...

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When was the ballpoint pen invented?

The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October 1888, to John J. Loud, however the idea of using a ball point within a writing instrument to applying ink to paper has existed since the late 19th century.

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Can you use colored pencils as eyebrow pencils?

no. unless it says non-toxic, i wouldn't go for it.

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How did the pencil sharpener improvee the lives of the first users?

they could get their drawings and writings done alot faster with out having to stop and wittle away at their pencils

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What is the function of the pencil?

Pencil function as a modified in drawing aspect(Drawing) which simplify means pencil is an element for writing,drawing and constrution of a narrow and solid pigment core.It can also be used for colouring Shading

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Is drawing on your skin with sharpies dangerous?


Some people say it will eventually cause cancer because of what the toxic chemicals in it do to your skin.

But the one reason that makes most sense is that it's not good for your skin, and something *WILL* happen to it eventually.

Try to see if it tells you what chemicals are contained in it... Might not be very comforting.

If you enjoy writing or drawing on your skin you might want to think about special markers that are safe for applying on skin.

ANSWER:It's tough to say. There have not been many studies on long term exposure to pen or marker ink to prove or disprove that there may be a health issue. However keep in mind that just because there is no definitive answer, that's not to say that it's a healthy habit. Many types of pen and markers contain a solvent called xylene which increases the risk of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

You can read an article about the connection by clicking on the related link below.

Also many chemicals and heavy metals can; over exposure and time, accumulate in the body, where down the road they will begin to tax the immune system and open the door for a whole avalanche of other health issues (which of course the doctors will undoubtedly blame on something else ).

Best to play on the safe side and not do it :)

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Is pencil a solid?

Yes, a pencil is a solid.

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Does a pencil have cells?


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Which one would last longer a The regular pencil or the mechanical pencil?

Correct Answer:

This all depends on how often each is used, and the care given to each.

If both are used on a daily basis, the pencil would last longer as the leads within the mechanical pencil would eventually run out before the wooden one would be sharpened down to its eraser.

Typically a mechanical pencil holds eight to ten leads in the inner chamber, while one is within the exiting chamber. As this lead comes to its end it will either be used up until the exiting chamber can no longer hold onto it (and the next lead is coming up behind it), or it will annoy the user by slipping back up into the chamber as the next lead has not found its way into the exiting chamber.

When the final lead is nearly finished it will either fall on out or continually frustrate the user by slipping back into the exiting chamber. More lead can be bought for a mechanical pencil, which would mean that essentially the mechanical pencil will last longer than a typical wooden pencil.

The problem with this theory is that not all mechanical pencils are made the same. Some manufacturers make their mechanical pencils in such a way that they cannot be reused either because the lead is not a typical universal size, they do not manufacture refill lead, and they may not make it possible to even open the mechanical pencil to replace the lead. In any one of these three cases, this makes the standard wooden pencil last longer.

The other deciding factor on which will last longer is up to the user. The person using a wooden pencil might chew off the eraser from nervousness adding to the use of an eraser that is not attached to a pencil. In other cases, it could be that the person using the wooden or mechanical pencil might tap it excessively to the point of almost breaking it. Dropping either pencil on a frequent basis can result in permanent damage of the lead inside.

Personally, I still own the same mechanical pencil I bought for drafting classes back in high school. That has been 30 years ago. I have been through nearly 100 wooden pencils since then for sketching.

- Harold Sink

AnswerThe Mechanical pencil would last longer because you can have multiple packages of refill lead but the regular pencil would eventually be sharpened to nothing but an eraser. AnswerA pencil because the mechanical you would run out of led and a pencil you would just sharpen Answerpencil

(these answers are really based off of more opinion than fact.)

AnswerCalabuka - The answer to this question is dependant to how it is used. You may snap the mechanical pencil and no longer will it work but the pencil (snapped) will. But you can sharpen the pencil all the way to nothing and a mechanical pencil uses refillable led you can buy at the store. This question really depends on how the pencil/mechanical pencil is used.


Mechanical pencils always break and the lead is too thin. Good old fashioned regular pencils are the best.


it depends. if u wont the base with a lot of led, then macanical. if u wont a ton of sharpening, then a normal pencil

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How do you get a pencil out of a trombone?

Considering the fact that it's highly unlikely that a pencil wedged itself into the crook of the slide, just remove the outer slide and it should fall right out.Blow real hard,i wonder how a pencil get stuck in the trombone?

But seriously you might try a coat hanger to hook behind it and dislodge it so it will fall out.

Ask a professional to remove it for you. You could try using a cleaning snake to get it out. Or, just don't get it stuck in the first place.

Are you serious? If it's stuck in the bell try getting your cleaning snake attached with something and see if that helps, If its stuck in the slide take the outer part off and use your snake again with something attached Trust me I know I have played trombone for the past six years


Get a repairman to do it. You could do some expensive damage trying to remove it yourself. it would be very hard to get a pencil stuck unless it was very short.


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