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No. In community property states spouses are sometimes responsible for debts incurred by the other spouse even if the debt is not joint. However, such marital debt laws would not apply in the situation cited. The husband would not be responsible for repayment in case of default nor would his credit be damaged with the exception of possible problems when applying for joint credit with the cosigner wife.

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Your recently deceased husband cosigned a home equity loan for your son Are you liable for the loan?

No just return the moneies

If the cosigner on a student loan files bankruptcy is he still liable for the student loan he cosigned?

bankruptcies do not wipe out student loans by federal law, unless you can prove extreme inablilty to repay them

If you cosigned on a car loan and car was repossessed 5 yrs ago and now the creditors are harassing you but you don't work and have no way of paying can your husband be held liable if he did not sign?

The spouse cannot be held liable, however it is quite possible that the debt is no longer valid for collection. The person who cosigned the loan should find out what the SOL is in the state in which the contract was signed.

Is the person who cosigned for a rental agreement liable after 2 years?

The signers on a lease are liable for charges during the term of the lease.

If your car is repossessed and the person who cosigned for you files bankruptcy are you still liable for the repossession?

Yes. If you default on your car loan you will remain liable for the debt.

In Wisconsin are persons cosigned on a loan as grantors liable to pay if the primary signer dies?


If the cosigner files bankruptcy and claims the debt of the cosigned loan is the cosigner relieved of the cosigned debt?

Unfortunately, no. For all co-signed debts, both signers are liable for repayment of the debt. When one party has their obligation discharged by bankruptcy, the remaining debtor becomes 100% liable for repayment of the balance.

If you cosigned a private student loan for your daughter at which time she was 19yrs of age who is legally liable to repay the loan back?

If you co-signed a loan, you are fully and equally responsible for repaying it until such time as it is fully paid off or forgiven.

Is a surviving spouse liable for payment of debt on a loan cosigned only by the deceased spouse in Kentucky?

No, Kentucky is not a community property state.

Is husband liable for a car loan if his wife cosigned?

No. Only the person who co-signed is responsible. Even in a community property state that debt would not be a marital debt. However, if the primary borrower defaults you wife will have to pay the balance and that, of course, may affect you.

How long are you liable for student loan?


Is a husband liable for a student loan that his wife received during a previous marriage and the loan is in default?

No he is not, my husband and i just went through this last tax season. I have a defaulted school loan from years ago. This past year when we filed our taxes the IRS tried to keep our refund. My husband had to fill out a form and mail it to the IRS stating he was not liable for my loans before marriage. I forget what the form was or what it is called

Do to abandonment by husband is wife liable for his bills?

No way!!!

Will your husband be liable if the Home goes into default and the home is in the wife's name?

your husband will be liable only if his name appears on the loan or mortgage documents as a co-guarantor of the loan

Property in Wife's name can husband be liable for deficiency judgments?

no i dea that is why i am askingyou?

If you are being sued as an individual is your husband liable?

Not enough informnation is disclosed. In some instances, yes, they could be liable. It all depends on circumstances of the debt obligation.

If you and your wife cosigned a loan for your daughter and her husband to buy a house and they made several late payments and it has since been sold and paid off how do you fix your credit?

Time is the best cure. The item will not have an impact on your credit report after 25 months from the date of payoff. Sorry. You may also do a letter of explanation, but since you signed on the debt it made you as liable as your daughter.

What debit am i liable for when Married in community of prop and husband deceased?

The only debt you're liable for - is anything in joint names. Any debt solely in his name died with him.

If you have been separated for 6 years after filing for divorce in California and your husband has a child with another woman are you liable for any child support since the divorce is not final?

If you're the noncustodial parent, you might be liable. The fact that your husband has a child by someone else is irrelevant to this.

I cosigned on an automobile loan and insurance for my son. Who is responsible if the insurance is not paid up and he gets in an accident?

As a cosigner, You are jointly and separately liable for any and all amounts that might arise out of the finance note you guaranteed.

Is the surviving spouse liable for medical bills in Michigan?

My husband passed away in July of this year. The medical insurance was in his name. We live in Michigan. Am I liable for his medical bills left behind?

Are you liable for 18 year old daughters debts?

If she's 18, she's reached the age of majority and is an adult. You have no responsibility for her debts except as follows: * Anything you cosigned * Any debts she ran up before she was 18

If you and ex husband owe unpaid taxes and ex husband files bankruptcy are you liable for the whole bill?

Only if the taxes were due more than 3 years prior to filing and there was no modification in the taxes due during that time. You are otherwise both liable for the full amount.

In Texas if your husband dies and has a car in his name only are you liable for the bill?

The estate is generally liable for all bills and expenses (not you). Hire a probate attorney to help sort this out. The estate will need an executor.

Am I liable for my husband's credit card debt?

Hello i have asked this of many people and the answer i got back was yes what ever debt your husband has whether it is in just his name or joint names you are both liable for it. If like my husband its alot and you didnt know about it until it all went wrong then it sucks!!