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They are a car that uses gas as a source of energy.

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Q: Is a hybrid car an efficent source of energy?
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What is the point of a hybrid car?

A hybrid car uses both electric and gasoline making it more fuel efficent.

What energy does hybrid car use?

They use kinetic energy by conerting potential energy into it. The fuel source is diesel or gas.

What is a hybrid car compared to an electric car?

A hybrid car runs on less fuel economically its efficent and costs you less in the long run. It has high miles per gallon. An electric car is recharged daily through such means as a powersupply. These are still in production and arnt very officent for milage.

If a car wastes 75 percent of its energy how efficent is it?

If a car wasted 75% of it's energy, it's very efficient, as the energy is moving itself away from the car, which means the car would need more fuel to have more energy in the car, so it can get running again.

Is a car a source of energy?

No it is a consumer of energy.

What is a fuel efficent car?

Honda Civic :D

How is Gasoline a energy source?

It drives your car along, which requires energy

How does a hybrid conserve energy?

In a hyrid car, when you brake the energy that is used is transferred back into electricity instead of totally lost as heat energy.

What is the source of energy for a solar-powered car?

The Sun !

What are the type of energy used to power hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars use normal fuel but also electrical energy. A hybrid car has two engines: one is a normal car-engine, petrol or diesel, and the other is a DC electric motor connected to a battery. When the normal engine is running it drives the car and charges the battery. In traffic the engine can be turned off and the car runs on the battery, which is less wasteful when inching forward because the engine is not running and taking fuel, so that when the car is stopped it uses no energy. A hybrid car can also use Dynamic Braking, which uses the car's kinetic energy to charge the battery when the driver wishes to brake. This saves energy that is normally lost in the friction in normal brakes.

Does a hybrid car need petrol?

a Hybrid car means it uses 2 or more energy ways to get powered. This can be for example: - Petrol, Hydrogen - Electricity, Petrol. - Electricity, Gas. etc etc. So nto all hybrid cars need petrol.

Does gravitational potential energy converted to electrical energy occur in routine operation of a car?

That could happen in an electric or hybrid car, when the car is coasting down a hill, converting gravitational potential energy to the car's kinetic energy, and a touch of the brakes puts some of that kinetic energy into the batteries. But it's a stretch.

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