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small are more efficient


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The reason why a tiny cell is more efficient than a large cell is because a small cell has a greater surface-to-volume ratio than large cells.

Yes small cell work more efficiently than lage cells because of the volume to surface ratio.

small cells are essential for easier and quicker rate of diffusion of substances within the body of an organism..thus saying it wil take long time for substances to reach their destination if the cells were large.

Diffusion would be inefficient in a large cell because it will take more time compare to a small cell.

It depends on what you're cooking. If you're cooking small it will be more efficient to cook in the microwave. If you cook a large frozen item, the electric stove is probably the better bet.

You don't NEED them. They just make pedaling much easier and more efficient.

Tell me i need to know more than the person ho asked

Small cells have higher surface area to volume ratio than larger cells.

Small cells are much more efficient. If there were large cells that we did not need a microscope to see, materials would take too long to travel to the center of the cell through the cytoplasm. But that is coming from the stand-point that the materials stayed the same size. If the materials got bigger as well, then there would be no problem but in real life, the particles would stay the same size and the over sized cell would die.

It is more cost efficient to purchase a prepaid cell phone than a contract cell phone. Yet most people choose to purchase contract cell phones because they are more convenient.

Compared to small cells, larger cell have more trouble moving needed materials in and waste products out.

because cell has to maintain that ratio in order to absorb more nutrients and for efficient absorption of materials. Cells tend to remain small because it promotes efficient transport. If a size of cell get bigger, it takes a longer time for transport and diffusion.

One advantage small cells have is that they have a higher to surface-area to volume ratio which gives them more surface area for exchanging wastes and nutrients. Another advantage is that the nucleus is closer to the cell membrane, so they are more efficient in transporting messages

Cells are most efficient at a certain size. If they become too large, there is not enough surface area to take in all the necessary materials for the cell to function. If the cell is too small, they can take in more materials than necessary, which allows them to grow. A cell can grows only as much as it can with the materials it can absorb, and the most efficient size is generally the same despite the organism.

It is true that small cells all together have more surface area than a single larger cell that is the same volume.

My husband was just diagnosed with secondary liver cancer. I would like to know what is the difference between small cell and larger cell cancer. This is refering to small cell and large cell lung cancer, so I don't know how helpful it'll be: Small cell lung cancer is called this because the cancer cells are small cells that are mostly filled with the nucleus. Small cell cancer spreads early on, so radiotherapy, rather than surgery, is suggested. Large cell lung cancer is called this because the cells look large and rounded. This type of cancer spreads more quickly. source:

Small cells are better able to transport material more efficiently. Many convolutions increase the surface area of the cell, thus allowing for more interactions between the cell and its environment. A large cell has greater volume to its surface area and if this is too large, it will not get enough protein and oxygen.

small cells function more efficiently than large cells.

That it is a more efficient way to use energy!!

Cells are most efficient when they a greater surface area and smaller volume. The larger a cell gets, the more difficult transport becomes and the longer it takes to reach homeostasis. !00 smaller (Faster) cells are the most efficient of the options given.

Large oranges, though if large oranges are dry then small oranges will have more juice.

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