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What cell organelles is not visible under 400x magnification?

Plastid Mitochondria Lysosome

Is plastid visible with 400X magnification?

no, it is not

Is chloroplast visible under 400X magnification?

yes, under 400x magnification you are able to see chloroplast clearly

Is peroxisome visible under 400X magnification?

yes you can.

Are the mitochondria visible under 400x magnification?


What parts can you see in a cheek cell at 400x magnification?

Nucleolus and cell membrane are visible.

What cell organelles are visible under the 400x magnification?

At 400X total magnification, we were only able to view one cell at a time, due to the fact that the cells were separated from each other. The organelles that were visible in this type of cell were the nucleus, the cytoplasm and the cell membrane.

What is the total magnification of a microscope with a 10x Eyepiece and a 40x Objective?

To work out the total magnification, you multiply the eyepiece magnification with the objective lens magnification.In this case the total magnification is 400X (10 X 40 = 400X).

Are the Golgi bodies visible under 400x magnification?

No, they can only be seen by electron microscope

Medium power magnification of microscope?


Can plastic be seen at 400x magnification?

nope :)it cannot be seen using 400xthis is true.i am not lying

Can you see the endoplastic reticulum at 400x magnification?

Yes, you can see the ER at 400x magnification because of its size of the passageways. In a encyclopedia, it sates that the size of its pasage ways and its job allow it to bee seen at this magnification.

What is the total magnification with a 10x ocular and 40x objective?

400x You multiply the ocular magnification times the objective magnification.

If the total magnification of the object is 40X you are using the what objective?

Its 400x

What is the total magnification of an microscope that is set on an objective magnification of 10X and an ocular magnification of 40X?

400x, because you multiply 40x and 10x

Which objective lens gives the total magnification of 400x?

One can obtain a total magnification of 400x while using an objective lens of 40x. Such a lens should be used along an eyepiece of 10x.

What is the magnification power of the high objective lens?

low power is 40x magnification, medium power is 100x magnification, high dry is 400x magnification, and oil immerson is 1000x magnification.

How does one determine the magnification produced by a microscope?

Multiply the magnification of the eyepiece lens times the magnification of the objective lens. For example, if the eyepiece has a 10x magnification and the eyepiece has a 40x magnification, then the total magnification is 400x.

Can you see crystals with 400X magnification?

Yes. If the crystals are big enough. Often you can see crystals with no magnification at all!

How do you calculate the magnification of a microscope from the magnification of the eyepiece and objective?

You multiply them together. For example, if the eyepiece is 10X and the objective is 40X, then the total magnification is 10X40 = 400X

How do you determine the total magnification of a compound microscope?

You multiply the eyepiece magnification by the objective magnification. For example if the eyepiece magnification is 10X and the objective magnification is 40X the total magnification would be 10 X 40 = 400X

How do you find the total magnification on a compound microscope?

You can multiply the power of the lens by the magnification you are using. Ex. Power of lens 10x, power of magnification 40x Total magnification 400x

How far can a light microscope zoom in?

The average is 200 or 400x. magnification max.

What is 10x and 40x magnification?

low-power magnificatin = (10x)(4x) = 40x high-power magnification = (10x)(40x) = 400x It depends on what magnification you are looking for; high-power magnification OR low-power magnification.

What is the magnification of a compound microscope?

40X / 100X / 400X / 1000X(oil immersion lens)