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It Depends What You Need It For: For Instance, Mac in general is that you don't get as man viruses. But You Can't Download Much On It -Games and MSN wise. But PC's, on the other hand, is you can download a lot more stuff. It is possible that you can get more viruses than the Mac, but if you are careful, the computer would be fine.

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What is a better laptop a Toshiba mini laptop or a Mac?


Which is a better laptop Toshiba or Mac?

Depends what you want it for. If you want a laptop for gaming then go with the Toshiba. If you want a laptop fir everyday use like the Internet, go for the Mac.

Which is better laptop or Mac book?

A MacBook is considered a laptop. If your asking if a Windows machine is better then a Mac machine then only you can answer that. Do your home work and look at both.

Is a mac book a laptop or a desktop?

A laptop

What is better an Apple you-MAC laptop or Dell laptop?

well it all depends on what you need it for. but they are all good

WHich is the better laptop the Mac or PC?

(My personal opinion) is PC!

Which Belkin cooling pad will fit onto my Mac Laptop?

Belkin F5L001-BLK Laptop Cooling Pad will fit onto a Mac laptop.

What is a better laptop a Toshiba mini laptop or a mac mini?

The two are not comparable. The Toshiba mini laptop is designed for portability and limited functionality whereas the Mac Mini is a fully functioning computer capable of connecting to all manner of peripheral devices.

Can you connect a mac mini to a laptop for the laptop monitor?

i would have to say no.

Can mac snow leopard be installed on an intell laptop?

Apple's Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) can be installed on an Intel laptop if the laptop is made by Apple.

How is mac book different from normal laptop?

mac book'S programs are better than normal laptop it has less program and less free programs but normal laptop you can have nearly every program you want free but mac book need license and you have to pay. you can't use mac book with all kind of flash disks accorises

Which laptop is better: Mac or PC?

MAC! MAC of course. I was just given a MacBook Pro and LOVE IT!!!!! Seriously? I mean, seriously?? MAC, baby!!!!!

Which is best PC or laptop?

Laptop: Macbook Pro Desktop: Mac Pro or iMac

Which is better for a student a Mac laptop or a VAIO laptop?

If you are not planning to play games on it get a Mac (macs are only good for graphics, photography, image editing and documentation) If you want something with a little kick get th vaio

What is the most recent laptop?


How big is the Mac Laptop?


What does a mac laptop do?

Whatever it is programmed to do.

Is a laptop a Mac or a Pc?

It can be either.

Can you take a mini laptop and put mac software on it?

Mac software can only run on an Apple Mac computer either a laptop (such as the MacBook) or desktop (such as the iMac).

Where can one purchase a refurbished Mac laptop online?

There are many places where one can purchase a refurbished Mac laptop. You can go to the official "Apple Store" or to the authorized "Apple" dealer "PowerMax" and buy a refurbished Mac laptop online.

How do you download music from laptop to iPhone?

you can download itunes for free on your laptop and then you can sync all songs from your iphone to your laptop and also you can buy from your laptop if you have a mac. hope you find this helpful.

What is a MacBook Air a laptop or a desktop?

It's a laptop. An iMac is a desktop as well as the Mac mini.

Which laptop bag apt for Mac Book?

If you are a college student then go ahead with designer laptop bags. If you are professional then go ahead with laptop briefcase or Brown leather laptop bags.

Where can one purchase a Mac laptop?

While there are many retailers of a Mac laptop, one of the best bets would be an actual Apple store. Apple stores will carry the widest selection of Mac laptops. However, a Mac laptop can be purchased at Best Buy, Frys Electronics, or Target.

What laptop does Selena Gomez have?

she has a white mac..

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