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No it is not the case that men are cheating if they call their old girl friend. It might be the fact that he treats her as a friend. It can totally be that case, do not take that negatively.

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new boo ANSWER: Children if the man is single or maybe with a girlfriend, you call him as your friend with benefits or lover. But if the man you are involve with is married, you call him as your married lover.

Cheating is having a romantic or sexual relationship with some else while dating or being married to a man or girl.

na he is what we call a good man he love dat girl 2 much 2 do dat

well if you ever see him in bead with a girl that means he is cheating on you.......

her booty-call...boy toy...sancho ( spanish ) Jody ANSWER: Well my dear friend, there's only 2 name you can give to the man that your wife is having an affair with, LOVER, and ADULTERER.

The percentage of a man having a mistress (cheating on his spouse or, if it is a girlfriend) is low when it comes to marrying the girl he is cheating with. However, there is a small percentage that love the girl they are cheating with and the man doesn't have the backbone to tell his mate about her so he often wants to be caught and the decision is left up to the mate to part ways.

cheat on him with his best friend! then dump his gay self!

girl that can be tough and she will get mad but a sis has got to do what she a gpta do

A man got a Boy friend & girl friend

Here is how you decipher cheating: If your girlfriend knows nothing about it then it's cheating. If you have nothing to hide then tell your girlfriend this girl is a friend (if she is) and you're going to a movie. Hopefully you have a very understanding girlfriend. If this girl you are going to the movies with is of interest to you then be a man and break up with your girlfriend now! Cheating is ugly, it hurts your partner when they don't deserve it and it shows immaturity and dishonesty on your part. You know when you are doing something wrong!

call him and fifure things out. if that man is going to use violence on u then call 911

Your man beast girl friend!

Many reasons:The man might not be a good talker.The man might be shy around the girl.The friend can sell the man better. If the friend compliments the man, he is being a good friend, but if the man compliments himself, he may look like a braggart.The friend might have a specific connection with that girl that they can talk about to get the girl to relax and forget about the attraction tension.Positional reasons. Some men like to play a game of positioning, and by having the girl come up to him, he does not have to admit he is chasing her.Complicated reasons depending on the situation: if the girl might had at sometime had a relation or feelings for the friend, it might be easier to interject the friend to start the conversation.

If cheating is truly not on someone's mind whether they contact their friend on the Internet; phone or meet somewhere then they should have no problem introducing their wife to their lady friend and letting his wife know that he is talking to her over the Internet. If a man has to ask 'is it cheating' then it probably is.

he writ about his self and die for his girl friend because he bro do hey man dont bring your girl friend her i will kill you now and he show of his head and his bro take marco polo girl friend.... thank you man

what this usually means is that she doesn't want you to view her as someone to like. You call your friends "man"...Example: "Hey man, when are we hanging again? When a girl says "man" to a gentleman it means she is looking to be viewed as a friend instead of a girl you can start liking. Hence the word "man."I know this from experience..but it doesn't mean that she does not like you...It can be for many reasons..Either; She likes another person and doesn't feel right liking another. Or she simply wants a male friend.

Do you have friends who are girls? Are you cheating with them? A healthy relationship relies on trust, as well as on a reasonable circle of friends. If your girlfriend is talking to another guy and this indicates to you she is cheating you need to look carefully at your feelings here. Do you believe every man your girl talks to is a rival, or is there something about this particular man that bothers you? If the latter is the case, discuss it with your girl in an open and friendly manner. Otherwise, try to keep your feelings of jealousy in check.

your friend wants you to be a wing man and ask a girl out for him but she said no the first time what do you do?


Too show how much he likes you as a friend, or he's cheating on someone.... for you.

While dewleting numbers does not mean he is cheating, it doesn't look well in that respect. The only reason to delete call history is to prevent someone finding out so probably yes he is cheating

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