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Is a mongoose a mammal?

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Q: Is a mongoose a mammal?
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Is a mangoose a reptile?

A MONGOOSE is a mammal.

What type of animal is a mongoose?

It is a mammal.

What kind of animal is a mongoose?

its a mammal

Is a mongoose a common mammal?

Yes it is

Is a mongoose a bird reptile or mammal?

it is a mammal that could eat a cobra

What is the smallest mammal of Hawaii?

The smallest mammal is the small Asian mongoose.

Is there a snake type called mongoose?

No. A mongoose is a type of mammal. Meerkats, which are a kind of mongoose, are well known for eating snakes.

Is mongoose a vertebrate?

Yes. A mongoose is a vertebrate, which is an animal that has a backbone and an internal skeleton. A mongoose is a mammal and all mammals are vertebrates.

Is a meerkat in the rodent family?

No it is in the mongoose family and is a mammal.

What mammal can often beat a cobra in a fight?


What small mammal is able to kill a snake?


How much does a mongoose mammal cost?

one million dorraw

What is the age of the mammal mongoose?

It is 150 billion years old.

Is a mongoose in the family of kangaroos?

Not at all. The mongoose is a placental mammal and the kangaroo is a marsupial. The two animals are not even remotely related.

Does a Dwarf Mongoose have a backbone?

Yes it does. It is a mammal and all mammals have a backbone.

What small carnivorous mammal able to kill venomous snakes?


Is a mongoose warm blooded?

Yes, it's a mammal like us.

Is a mongoose an invertebrate animal?

No mongoose have spinal cords, but they are so flexible it's almost not there.

What is a small mammal which in India is often kept for its ability to kill snakes?


Is a mongoose cold or warm blooded?

Warm blooded, it is a mammal

What is the body type of the Egyptian Mongoose?

Mongoose carnivorous small mammal that is related to the Civet, found mostly in India,Africa, and southeast Asia. There are approximately 11 species of Mongoose in South Africa. A mongoose can range in length from 7 to 25 inches

What is a small carnivorous mammal that can kill venemous snakes that starts with M?

It's called a Mongoose.

How long do mongoose live?

The mongoose, a small, rodent-like mammal, has an average lifespan of 15-20 years in captivity. In the wild, the average lifespan is 7-12 years.

What is a meerkats niche?

the meekat niche isA small mammal, the meerkat (or suricata) is a small mammal and a member of the mongoose familyInhabits all parts of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the mammal Banded mongoose?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Mungos mungo.