Is a mosquito larvae a plant?


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No. It is a young mosquito that lives underwater.

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Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

tell me wat size r mosquito larvae

A mosquito larvae breathes in air through its siphon. It is the younger one of a mosquito!! CHA CHA!!

Mosquito larvae, small crustaceans, plant material, and William Lin

Yes, there are several ducks who will eat mosquito larvae. Muscovy ducks are said to be the main predator for mosquito larvae and are essential for keeping the mosquito population at bay.

No. Mosquito larvae graze over plant and rock matter in the water and eat bacteria and algae. Butterfly larvae eat plants on land.

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae can definitely be dangerous to humans and other animals. There can be a host of diseases that can be spread by coming in contact with this larvae.

Algae is what mosquito [Culicidae family] larvae consider as food. As adults, they'll change their feeding patterns to plant juices. As adults, they also will be ready to consider as food human blood, which helps mosquito eggs hatch properly.

Yes, it is safe to eat mosquito larvae; you will digest them. They even have nutritional value.

YES, especially mosquito larvae

A great many species eat mosquito larvae. Other predatory aquatic insects (e.g. dragonfly larvae, aquatic beetles) as well as freshwater fish (e.g. guppies, killifish, carp) and even birds (migratory songbirs, waterfowl) will eat mosquito larvae. Tadpoles also eat mosquito larvae.

The young stages of a Mosquito are called "Mosquito larvae".

if its a larvae, it cant eat, therefore how can it be carnivorous?

larvae is another name for a mosquito

Decomposers are organisms that consume dead organisms. Mosquito larvae is not a decomposer. Primary decomposers are bacteria and fungi.

No. Swimming pools have chlorine or salt-water, both of which prevent the growth of mosquito larvae, so even if a mosquito lays eggs in a swimming pool, the eggs will die before becoming larvae.

I could not see how this could be harmful to the plant, but on the other hand it could present a problem for warm blooded organisms if the larvae mature.

Yes it is a herbivore.

Yes, dragonfly larvae eat many kinds animals, including mosquito larvae, damselfly larvae, and even tadpoles and small fish when they are larger.

Mosquito larvae breathe using the respiratory tube i.e, siphon present at the end of the last abdominal segment.

Most fish will gladly to eat the larvae.

The difference is that a mosquito is the grown, mature insect. A wriggler is what is known as the mosquito larvae.

The scientific name for mosquito larvae is Protisinca. Thi

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