Butterflies and Moths

Is a moth a decomposer?

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Is a moth a producer consumer or decomposer?


Is a moth primary secondary or decomposer on the food pyramid?


Is a Luna moth a decomposer or a carnivore?

It is a comsumer :) lol (and it all so does not have mouth)

Is a moth a primary consumer or decomposer?

In most cases (not all eg the clothes moth) the moth's caterpillar is a primary consumer. Moths themselves do not always feed and when they do it is on nectar so they are primary consumers.

Is a sunflower a decomposer?

A sunflower is a producer. It is not a decomposer.

Is a whale a decomposer?

a whale is not a decomposer. it is a decomposer

Can a decompoder eat a decomposer?

No a decomposer can't eat a decomposer

Is a bean a decomposer?

No, it's not a decomposer. Plants can't be a decomposer.

What are the parts of the lateral knee?

ite the moth ite the moth ite the moth ite the moth

Why didnt the butterfly go to the dance?

it was a moth ball it was a moth ball it was a moth ball it was a moth ball it was a moth ball

What is the worlds largest moth?

the largest moth is the atlas moth.

What is a characteristics of decomposer?

It is a decomposer

Is a tarantula a decomposer?

no. it is not a decomposer.

Are there actually pink butterflies?

There are no pink Butterflies, but there are several species of pink Moth, which are sometimes mistake for butterflies. Some of these pink moths are: * Pink Chewed Moth * Pink Emperor Gum Moth * Rosy Maple Moth * Raspberry Pyrausta Moth * Oakworm Moth * Pink Star Moth * Primrose Moth * Pink Spotted Hawk Moth * Pink-striped Oakworm Moth * Pink Underwing Moth

Is an octopus a consumer or producer or decomposer?


What moth is more likely to survive in wood coloured moth or a dark moth?

I think dark moth.

What did the moth fairy do to the queen?

If this is a joke the answer is if the moth fairy is a moth the moth would follow the light queen.

Is a snake a decomposer or a comsumer?

a snake is a consumer. not a decomposer because a decomposer decmpose stuff; for explame a batacria is decomposer!!!!!!!!

Is the Amazonian hawk moth the biggest moth?

No, the largest is the Atlas moth

Is a dragonfly a consumer decomposer or a producer?

A Decomposer is a dragonfly really a decomposer

Are roses a decomposer?

No a rose is not a decomposer. A decomposer is things like worms and fungus.

Is a snake a producer decomposer or consumer?

A snake is a consumer.

Is a mite a decomposer?

a mite is a decomposer

Is Algea a decomposer?

no algae is not a decomposer

Is yeast a consumer or decomposer?


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