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Ozone is actually the tri-atomic form of oxygen atom. Oxygen molecule combines with oxygen atom to form ozone.

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Ozone is a type of oxygen. It is made of 3 atoms of oxygen.

Ozone is made up of oxygen. It is the triatomic form.

Ozone is a chemical which is a type of oxygen molecule. It is three atoms of oxygen combined.

The ozone is a type of oxygen. It's symbol of O3.

It turns ozone into oxygen gas, which destroys the ozone layer.

Ozone is a type of oxygen but differs in chemical formula.Ozone is O3 but oxygen is O2. Both are molecules.Ozone differs from oxygen in some ways. The chemical formulas are O3 and O2 respectively.

There is only one gas. Ozone which is a type oxygen.

Three oxygen atoms. O3, called ozone.

The ozone molecule has three oxygen atoms ( O ) ( / \ ) ( O - O ) The normal oxygen which I presume the type of oxygen that we breath is composed of two oxygen atoms ( O ) ( | ) ( O )

No, ozone is not nascent oxygen. Ozone is triatomic form of oxygen atom.

The bluish poisonous gas which is a type of allotrope of oxygen is named "ozone".

Oxygen and ozone are allotropes. These are made of oxygen atoms. Ozone is its three atomic form.

No. Ozone is made from oxygen.

Oxygen and ozone are different. Oxygen is the diatomic form of oxygen atmon while ozone is the triatomic form.

In order to create ozone oxygen is addded to nascent oxygen. Then ozone is formed.

No, ozone is a type (allotrope) of oxygen. It is three oxygen atoms bonded into a molecule, and the central oxygen is very unhappy (missing an extra electron). So it is more chemically active than any form of chlorine.

Ozone is created by the oxygen molecules. When the UV falls on oxygen, ozone is formed.

Atomicity of oxygen in ozone is 3.

Oxygen is diatomic. Ozone is triatomic.

Ozone is the allotrope of oxygen. Ozone is a tri oxygen molecule. It is formed by the action of UV light on oxygen.

Oxygen and ozone are completely different in properties. Ozone is a pollutant on breathing, while oxygen is not.

The ozone molecule is an allotrope of oxygen. Oxygen has 2 atoms of oxygen while ozone has 3.

The breakdown of ozone into oxygen is due to the UV rays. They also convert oxygen into ozone.

so we dont die The Ozone layer is a layer in the Stratosphere, it is used to absorb the harmful Ultra Violet radiation that comes from the sun. Oddly, the UV radiation makes the Ozone; ozone is a special type of oxygen, containing three oxygen atoms rather than two oxygen atoms. It is usually created when some type of radiation or electrical discharge separates the two atoms in an oxygen molecule, which can then individually recombine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen. It is the triatomic form of oxygen atom.

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