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No, the child is legally responsible for themselves at the age of 18.

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Q: Is a parent legally responsible for a child who is 20 years old and lives at home in New York?
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Is a parent legally responsible for a child who is 20 years old that lives at home in South Carolina?

No, he has not been a child and your responsibility since he turned 18.

Is a parent legally responsible for a child who is 20 years old and lives at home in Missiour?

No. Not legally responsible for the 20 year olds actions. However, if they have signed some kind of legal or loan document with them they are responsible for that. .

If a minor child no longer lives at home is the parent still responsible for the child legally?

Yes, unless the child has been emancipated, or is in the care of the state or another guardian.

When a child lives with a guardian instead of either parent who is responsible for the child support?

Both parents

When each child lives with a parent and the mother is custodian and has no income is the father responsible to pay support for the child who lives with the mom?


Can an underage child leave home with their parent's permission?

Yes, they can. Parents are responsible for their minor children. They get to decide where the child lives. They are also responsible for the child's welfare in any case.

Is a parent legally obligated to carry their adult child on health insurance in Missouri?

Not once they are adults. It is often done to help the child get started in their lives.

If a child lives with one parent can the other parent who does not live in the same home claim that same child?

Not on taxes no. The parent the child lives with has the main right to claim the child. But if that parent can't or doesn't want to then the other parent can

Can a parent be sued when a child who does not live with them gets into a car accident?

If they are the child's legal parent yes. The only way that they might be unresponsible is if the other parent had sole physical and legal custody. If they have joint custody but the child lives most of the time with the other parent they are still responsible.

Who has rights to the child if one parent leaves the house where the child lives?

The second parent or closest relative

Is the noncustodial parent still responsible for paying child support when the child goes directly to college from high school?

I would like to add the noncustodial parent lives in North Carolina. The child is attending college in South Carolina. She is at the age of 18 years.

Does the child get to chose which parent he or she lives with?

It depends what age .

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