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no there are many other species of birds in Antarctica

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You may be thinking of the sea bird, penguin.

I'm gonna put my money on a penguin...

it is a penguin in which lives in Antarctica

The emperor penguin is the only penguin that breeds during the winter in Antarctica.

Certain species of penguin are the only flightless birds found in Antarctica, and then only during their breeding season. These animals are sea birds and they live at sea.

An emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin. They live in colonies in the Antarctic.

Adelie penguin, Emperor penguin, Skua, Leopard seal and Sheathbill bird.

No. There are only penguins in the Antarctica.

The penguin is the only bird that walks in an upright position.

The penguin is the only bird that lives permanently in the Antarctic region. It is also flightless.There are four species of penguins which live at Antarctica: Adelie, Emperor, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins.

A penguin is a bird, not a mammal. It gives birth to young by laying eggs, not birthing small offspring, which is the strategy of a mammal.

Yes, they only live in Antarctica unless they are at a zoo. In other words, 42

The most popular penguin in Antarctica would be the Emporer penguin

penguin stand for p for penguin E eat fish G for give eggs U for under the water I for in Antarctica and the 2 n for not a bird that flies

kiwi, penguin and ostrich.

A skua bird eats a penguin

A penguin is a bird. It has feathers and does not have gills.

The most popular penguin in Antarctica is obviously the emperor penguin.

There are many penguin species, such as the Emperor penguin, the Adelie penguin, the Rockhopper penguin, and many, many more. Only tow species actually live in Antarctica the Emperor and the Adelie.

Penguin, and there are many different kinds of them. Actually, no bird 'lives' on the Antarctic continent, but all birds, including penguins, come to the continent to breed.

A penguin is a bird. Many scientists say that makes it a dinosaur as well as birds can be classified as the only surviving branch of the dinosaurs.

yes it does fly i think.the only bird that doesn't fly is a ostrich and penguin

There is no financial support for the natural penguin rookeries in Antarctica.

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