Is a person really a Christian when he says he believes in God and Jesus but that other faiths may have a different messiah that is the equivalent of Jesus and that is also acceptable?

A person who believes in God and Jesus, but accepts and respects the beliefs of other faiths, may be more of a Christian than a person who dogmatically asserts that others are wrong. Tolerance and respect are meant to be Christian virtues.

Ok well no you can't still be a christian it is against the ten commandments.

True Christians

If a person is a true Christian, they not only believe in Jesus Christ they put a HUGE importance to him and follow his ways. Whether they see him as the son of God or an extrememly important prophit. Remember Satan not only believes in Jesus Christ, he knows and has seen him in the flesh when he tempted him in the believing is not the important part, it's following his word that makes you a true CHRISTian!
  • Correction to above: If you think Jesus is a prophet u are a Jew or Muslim you are only a Christian if you believe in the one true God.. the Son who died for us... the holy spirit and believe they are all one person.
  • A true Christian believes that Christ is the way , the truth, and the light, and only through Christ can a person get to God.A true Christian knows his father's words (BIBLE), which does not acknowledge whatsoever another way to Christ.To think that you can believe in the kind of God you want to is totally unbiblical.God does not accept the denying of his very son, Christ, which is where the word Christian comes from.

About Judging Others

The Bible says that it is not our place to judge others. What a person believes is between them and God. I do not have the right to condemn someone because of the religion they practice, only God can do that.
  • While Christians are taught not to judge or condemn others,

true Christians believe the Jesus is the only way to God. Thus, the Bible does not make a way for people to believe everything and anything as the above answer implies.

No Judgement - just facts

If I asked a group of children the answer to the sum 'what is 10 plus 9' I might get a number of answers. Some will be totally wrong - 55, 109, 63. Others will be 'close' but still not absolutely correct - 18, 20, 21. There is only one correct answer - 19. In a similar way, Jesus said that HE alone was the way the truth and the life and that no one could come to God the Father except through him. If Christians are to call themselves Christian then they must accept this fact. In the same way as the sum, there are many religions that are utterly false (how about the weird New Age movement who have adopted and made up various odd bits of 'religion' since the 1960s) and there are some that are commendable and promote and worship God via their prophets (eg Judaism through Moses and Islam through Mohammed). However, there is only one religion in the world where the founder stated that he was the only real way to God. To prove the point he changed the world by his resurrection and sending of the Holy Spirit so that the Christian movement spread across the world like wildfire through God's love and forgiveness. Thus no one is 'judging' the other religions but there has to be a right answer - and Christians believe that Christianity is that right answer. There is no arrogance about it, nor is there any 'looking down' on the others. But facts are facts. You either accept all that Jesus said - aspire to follow him and call yourself a Christian - or you don't. But let's not have people calling themselves 'Christian' if they believe that prophets from other religions are somehow equal to Jesus. By what Jesus claimed, he did not leave that option open to us, and didn't intend to.

Comments about Buddhism and Christianity

Buddhism IS a religion as well as having a philosophical side. Buddha is considered a deity. He has united with the creative force and is one with it. You could say he is one with God. Buddhists are encouraged to debate their scripture. The Buddha himself is quoted as saying "Don't believe what I say because I say it. Learn the truth of it and then believe." In the west this is abnormal. The big three monotheistics discourage dialogue and debate about religious matters. We are told that some things are for faith and others for reason. Hindus would say that it is an impoverished faith that has only one avatar that has appeared to only one small group of people. They would acknowledge that Jesus could be God incarnate but that he would never be the only one. Some Christians are more accepting of alternate faiths. Generally even the most tolerant will say that the only way into heaven is through accepting Jesus but that other paths may lead you to find Jesus in your own way. Judaism, Buddhism, etc all have a lot in common with Christianity and the are more the same than they are different. So, it is possible to believe that Jesus is the son of God and faith in him will lead to heaven and life eternal while still believing that God may reserve the right to give the truth to other cultures in other ways without asking our permission to deviate from out concept of religion. :)


He believes in God, he believes in Jesus. That makes him a Christian.

The fact that he recognises another person's rights to their own beliefs simply makes him a better Christian than many.