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Is a pineapple a symbol for swingers?


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No, it is a symbol for welcome.


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A pineapple is the symbol of welcome.

=== === === ===No it is not the symbol of Baptism!

the meaning of the parts of the pineapple in hospitality industry

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality for 2007-2009. I am a new member of the DAR>

In some cultures, a pineapple flag or sign means "Welcome." The swinger community doesn't have any kind of sign or symbol that is universially accepted. Though there are some attemps to create one, most swingers don't want to wear something that outs them. There are a few sites that claim they sell one, but their acceptance and even recognition is very low. My favorite one, as a swinger, is a pendant with Love, Trust, Communication engraved on it. Swingers who play seperately from their spouse (those in true open marriages) use Love, Trust, Openness instead. The key to having a symbol is being able to deny you are aware of it having any special meaning since most of us have kids and parents we don't want to advertise our sexual hobbies to.

One of the more common things I have heard of is a heart with an infinity symbol inside of it.

The symbol of the pineapple dates back to 17th century England where it was a sought-after commodity.

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The Pineapple is the offical symbol of Hospitality because in some countries the pinapple is a sign of welcome.

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Absolutely nothing. The pineapple did not exist in ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptian language has no word for that fruit.

Because a pineapple was in the script in the pilot episode so the writers decided to make something fun out of it.

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"SYMBOLISM OF THE PINEAPPLE"http:/wwwzperiodzmindspringzperiodzcom/~sixcatpack/pineapplzperiodzhtm

In general, the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. It has no special significance in the gay community that I am aware of.

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the official symbol of hospitality idustry is is used to welcome guest and give special care.

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