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Yes. The Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a semi-aquatic mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including its island state of Tasmania. It digs burrows in riverbanks or creek banks and hunts in freshwater rivers and creeks.

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Q: Is a platypus a river animal?
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What animal has the same niche as a platypus?

No other animal occupies the same niche as a platypus. There is no other animal which burrows in river banks amid the Australian bushland or rainforest, orwhich hunts for tiny crustaceans on the riverbed.

Does a platypus jump into a river?

No; but the platypus does dive into water.

Does the platypus live in a pack?

No. The platypus is a solitary animal.

How does blood flow in a platypus?

The platypus is a cold blooded animal.

Why does a platypus's body come from a different animal?

It doesn't. This is a myth. The platypus is not a mixture of any other animal.

Is the platypus an animal whose habitat is a river?

Yes, but the platypus does not actually live IN the river. Platypuses live in burrows that they dig on the banks of freshwater creeks, rivers and lakes. They do not live in the water, but they need the water in which to hunt for their food, which consists of tiny crustaceans and other invertebrates that live on the river bed or lake bed.

What can you teach a platypus?

You cannot teach a platypus anything. It is a wild animal.

What is the same as a platypus?

There is no animal the same as a platypus. Platypuses are completely unique.

Is a platypus a saltwater or regular water fish?

a platypus is a freshwater animal

What do river rats do to platypus?

Nothing. There are no river rats in Australia.

Which animal was selected as the animal emblem of NSW?


Does the platypus travel in packs?

No. The platypus does not live or move in packs. It is a solitary animal.