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Is a play title underlined in a paper?

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No, when referring to a play within a paper, italicize it.

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Do you underline a title of a play?

No. The titles of plays are to be italicized, not underlined.

How should the title of a book be capitalized within a paper?

The title should appear exactly as it does on the book, and be underlined or italicized.

Should books be underlined in a paper?

Usually, for a paper on a high-school or college level, the title of a book is italicized.

Is the title on the top of page two of an APA formatted paper is underlined and centered?


How do you write the name of a chapter of a book in your paper in MLA style?

In quotes. Title of book is italicized or underlined.

Are songs underlined or in quotes?

Songs are quoted the title of the CD is underlined

If a title of novel is handwritten it should be underlined?

yes it should be underlined.

Do you put the title of a novel in quotes or does it get underlined?

When referred to in another piece of writing, the title of a novel gets underlined.

Is a poem title underlined?

No. A poetry title should be in quotes. However, a book of poetry or collection as a whole should be underlined. Epic poems like The Odyssey are also underlined.

Is the title of a report underlined?

For MLA or APA, do not underline the title.

Do you put a story title in quotes when writing a paper?

Full novels should be underlined, but short stories and essays/articles are in quotes.

If you are drawing a drawing for school and asked to give it a title would it be in quotes or underlined?


Would the title of a speech be in italics in quotes or underlined?

I think that it would be underlined because most titles for other things are underlined

Do you underline the name of a book series in a paper?

A series of books should be treated in the same way as a book title: it should be itaticized (or underlined).

What part of speech is the word underlined?

Underlined is a verb and an adjective. Verb (past tense of underline): The students underlined the title of the book in their reports. Adjective: an underlined word

Would you underline the name of a play?

Yes. A play is a major work, like a novel, so the title should be underlined, unless the play is a fairly short work, such as a one scene long tribute to another work. This would be too short to be considered a major play, so the title would be put in quotes. A play such as Shakespeare's Othello would be underlined or italicized, due to its length.

Is a story title quoted or underlined or italizised?

A story is underlined or in italics. A short story is in quotes.

Is the title Cat in the Hat in quotes or underlined?


When writing the title of a play do you put it in quotation marks?

According to MLA formatting, titles of plays are either underlined or italicized.

When typing a title of a book do you underline it?

The title is always underlined in a piece of writing.

Are names of magazines underlined?

The proper citation for a magazine is within quote marks. "Atlantic Monthly" All the words in the title are capitalized. The title of a book is underlined.

Are the title of books underlined or put in quotes?

books are underlined and poems or short stories are put in quotes

Are books underlined?

In APA formatting style books are underlined. In APA paper every longer works like books and journals are underlined.

Is a book title underlined when writing?

Yes. A qualified yes. If the writing is standard print, then yes, the book title is underlined. However, the title may be italicized and not underlined. The basic rule is that names and titles that can contain smaller elements are underlined or italicized. Smaller elements such as song titles, poem titles, etc. at contained in quotation marks.

Should a title of a book be underlined?

Yes it should

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