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Is a port also known as a peripheral device?

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A computer port is a hardware or virtual device (software) that allows data to pass from one area to another of the PC's hardware and/or software environment. The Periphial device is usually a hardware device the needs to interface with the appropriate port in order to send, receive or interact with the PC and other devices attached to the PC. An example would be somthime like a USB (universal serial bus) external hardive attached to a USB port in order to read and write data.

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Does an external peripheral device must have a corresponding port and cable that connect it to the computer?

Yes, an external peripheral device must have a corresponding expansion port and cable

A peripheral device uses this to attach to the computer?


What is a parallel slave port?

it is used to interface between controller and peripheral device.. peripheral device otherwise called external device such as LED,LCD...

What is connector that passes data in and out of a computer peripheral device?


An external peripheral device must have a corresponding?

Port and driver. For example, a printer is a peripheral, you need to plug it into a USB or Parallel port, then install a driver for it.

Is a connector on the exterior of a computer into which a peripheral device may be plugged?


The point at which a system unit attaches to a peripheral device is called a hub?


How does a parallel port communicate information to peripheral device?

One bit at a time.

What does the peripheral device uses to attach to the computer?

Most use a port and a cable.

What is called a jack is an interface by which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with the system unit?


What is a peripheral port?

This is the communications port on your computer, also called the COM or RS-232 port.

Where a peripheral device can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanged?

The USB port and many other different ports to serve different functions. A port is a place through which a peripheral device attaches to a computer so that data can be exchanged between it and the operating system.

What peripheral port type was originally developed by Apple and is currently primarily used for digital video transfers?

This is the port IEEE 1394 is also known as Fire Wire

Is a mouse a parallel port and serial port?

A mouse is a peripheral device which can be plugged into a serial port on older PC's. Nowadays mouse's are plugged in via USB connection.

How many peripheral devices can be connected to a single USB port?

On a typical setup, only one device can be connected to the ports. However, if you have a special USB port, or a device that will split a USB port, you can connect 2 or more devices.

If your Apple Tv has a female HDMI port and the device you are connecting it to also has an femaleHDMI port.?

If your Apple Tv has a female HDMI port and the device you are connecting it to also has an femaleHDMI port.

What is a peripheral device that can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanged between it and the operating system?

An interface is a device that interpretates data. A port is only the door in and out from the computer.

A peripheral uses this to attach to the computer?

port or adapter. A monitor is a peripheral, you plug a cable into a port or adapter on the computer. Most also need a driver, so that could be an answer. They need both, though.

When you have a problem with a USB device what is the simplest way to determine that the USB port is not causing the problem?

Put a known good device in that port...process of elimination!

What is meant by usb interface?

USB stands for universal serial bus for short. USB is a universal port that can be used to exchange data between a storage device and a peripheral. Example, you can transfer data from your phone to your system by simply connecting the two with USB.A USB port is a Universal Serial Bus port. This is a universal port that nearly any kind of peripheral can be manufactured to use thereby limiting the number of port TYPES needed on a PC.

Give three example of peripheral device?

A Monitor A keyboard A Printer

Point at which a peripheral attaches to a system unit?


Can you plug in a usb 2.0 device into an esata port?

Short answer: No. They are different and not compatible. Long answer: If the USB 2.0 device happens to be a hard drive that also has an esata port, then you could use the esata port instead.

What is the purpose of ports computer?

The port is an external connection device on the computer which is used to connect different peripherals. Concretely it is a socket (and the corresponding plug) that enables an external device (peripheral) to be attached to a computer (usually to a motherboard or adapter card).

What SCSI device must be terminated?

The final SCSI device in the chain of devices must be terminated. If you have only one device and it's attached to a SCSI port, you must terminate that device. If you have two or more SCSI devices that are linked together and to a shared SCSI Port ie: SCSI Port, Device #1, Device #2, etc, then the final device in the 'chain' must be terminated to allow for proper recognition. The SCSI Port also requires a terminator as well.