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the periodontium is the area immediatly around the tooth.

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Q: Is a root an area immediately around the teeth?
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What is The Root Is The Area Immediately Around The Teeth.?

The Root is the embedded part upon which the entire Tooth system stands. Specially during old age, the connection between root and tooth loosens,causing pain and ultimate extraction by the dentists.

What do periodontists do for a living?

Periodontists are specialist trained is caring for the area around the teeth. That is the gum tissue, root area on the teeth. Some procedures they perform involve grafting gum tissue and bone tissue.

How to remove dark deposits around the root of teeth?


Define the terms periodontium and pulp?

Periodontium- is the area immediately around the teeth. It is made up of the gums, periodontal ligament, and jawbone....Pulp is the tissue that contains the blood vessels and nerves of a tooth. Pulp extends into the root canal and provides nourishment to the tooth....

What effect does root beer have on your teeth?

The Effect of root beer on your teeth if you lived on it forever, your teeth would rot and decay.

What is the average length of human teeth?

The teeth vary from incisors, to canines, to molars, but the average length of a human tooth is around 20mm. For just the crown, its around 7mm. The root, on average is around 13mm.

How does teeth grow?

well teeth grow when the root of the teeth expands and therore your teeth grow.

What is the root word for immediately?


What is the root word for odontos?


What is the bones that contain the teeth?

The mandible would hold the lower root of teeth

Function of the root in teeth?

it does not helping you to learn

How many root canals in teeth?


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