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In most states, if the child is age 16 or older it is valid. * Yes, it is presumed the parent would be acting on behalf of the minor son.

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Q: Is a signature bank card signed by father and son valid if the son was a minor?
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What if the will isn't signed?

Then it is not a valid will. The testator's witnessed signature is a requirement for a valid will in almost all jurisdictions.

What if there is no signature on a search warrant?

A search order must be signed by a judge to be valid. Police cannot conduct any search for which a search order is needed if it does not have a valid signature.

Is a contract signed by a 17 year old valid?

No it is not valid. It can be affirmed or acknowledged by the minor when they turn 18.

Is it valid if a quick claim deed had a signed signature on a separate page?

The witnesses and the acknowledgment that should be on the same page, immediately following the signature, will connect the signature to the conveyance of the property.

What to do if document notarized not signed?

If the document wasn't signed by the parties it is not valid. A notary might not notice the document wasn't signed but the acknowledgement would not have any affect. In fact, it would be a violation of notary standards.

What does a slash before a name signature on email mean mean?

The slash before a name signature on an email means that the document has been electronically signed. In most cases, it is considered as valid as an actual pen and ink signature.

If a contract require a signer and cosigner and the cosigner has not signed is the contract valid?

No. If the lender requires a co-signer and that co-signer doesn't sign the note then the lender will not pay over the proceeds of the loan. Without the co-signer's signature the contract is not valid.

Is a will valid without the signature of the deceased?

No. An unsigned Will is not valid.

Can you be held responsible for debts on an unsigned credit card that says not valid unless signed?

That phrase: "Not valid unless signed," is a credit card company requirement, NOT a legal requirement. Believe me, they will tkae you to court and make you prove that it is not your signature on the credit card slips.

Is a will valid if it has not been signed?

No it is not valid if not signed. It may serve as evidence if a signed copy was lost or destroyed.

Is will valid without a lawyer's signature?

A will does not require a lawyer or a lawyer's signature.

How long is a signature valid on a legal document?

For as long as the document is valid.

Does a warranty deed with vendors lien need to be signed?

Any deed must be signed by the owner of the property in order to be valid.Any deed must be signed by the owner of the property in order to be valid.Any deed must be signed by the owner of the property in order to be valid.Any deed must be signed by the owner of the property in order to be valid.

Is a signature still valid if scribbled out?

Yes it is

What are the legal consequences of not having a signed and valid agency agreement?

what are the consequences of not having a signed and valid agency agreement

Can you confirm if an agreement is signed and witnessed by the same person that it is valid?

There are a number of legal rules which apply to agreements or contracts, so I cannot say that any signed agreement is valid; but if the agreement meets other requirements for legality, and is signed, then that signature is legally binding. A signed agreement does not have to be witnessed by another person (for example, anytime you write a check, that is an instruction to your bank to make a payment to another person, and that instruction is validated only by your own signature, with no witness being required) but if the agreement is very important, a witness is desirable as a form of confirmation.

Is a contract valid if all parties named have not signed it?

It can be held to be valid. If the parties are acting as if both parties have signed it, it will be enforced.

How valid is a legal document without a signature?

Depends on whether either party has signed it. The document may be used as evidence of an agreement that was attempting to be finalized even if neither party has signed it. If only one side has signed it, it can be used to enforce the agreement against the party that did sign it. If work had already been done in reliance on the contract being signed, it could be used to provide compensation for that effort.On the other hand. If the document was not signed at all it is of no effect and not valid.

Is a power of attorney valid if the notary seal has expired?

If the notary was valid when it was signed, it is a valid document.

Is a contract valid if the person is a minor?

No. But only the minor can terminate the contract.

How long is a passport valid for a minor?

Passports for minors are valid for 5 years.

Is a promissory note valid if initials are forged?

A promissory note must be signed by the borrower. The document is not valid if it is a forgery as with any signed document.

Does a witness to a signature on a legal document need to know what is in the document?

You are a witness to the signing of a signature on the document and nothing else, (unless it is stated that you are a witness to something else involved with the legal matter directly above where you will sign the document as the witness.)You do not have to know what the document says, what or who it is about, or anything else about the document in order to be a witness to the signing of the document.You are only a witness to the 'original signature' that was signed on the document and could be asked to verify the original signature, as well as your own signature, by anyone involved in the legal process.I would recommend you Do Not ever sign as a witness unless you are certain the signature is valid and it was signed in front of you.

What is the definition of valid contract?

A valid contract is a law binding agreement which will be signed by both parties. This contract will be valid.

If someone passed away with a will that has no signature or witnesses is it valid?