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Yes. Snails belong to the Kingdom Animalia. A level of classifying all living things on earth. Animals are a multi-celled living organisms whose origin remains debatable. The animals body shape generally becomes fixed once the animal reaches maturity although some species of animal undergo series metamorphosis in later life such as the caterpillar which grows wings. Most animals are generally motile which means that they are able to move in their own. Animals are also considered heterotrophs, which means that they must ingest other organisms to survive, either plant or animal organisms. There is no way of knowing exactly how many species of animal exist as so many are found or become extinct each year. Species are a group of similar animals that are capable of interbreeding that results in the production of fertile offspring.
Yes, a snail is an animal.

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Q: Is a snail an animal
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If snail is not an animal then what is it?

A snail is an animal. It is part of the molluscan class Gastropoda.

Slowest land animal camel or snail?


Is the slowest animal the sloth or the snail?

its the snail

Is a snail an animal or insect?

First of all, an insects are part of the animal kingdom. No, a snail is not an insect, but yes it is an animal. I believe a snail is a mollusk.

Is snail a plant?

NO how thick are you a snail is a animal DUR

Which animal has the same feature as snail?

sulg is same as snail

Which animal would increase a snail or caterpillar?

I think it is the snail

Name the animal has the most teeth?

The animal with themost teeth is the snail. Though the snail seems small, the snail has many, many teeth

Is a snail a animal?


What animal has a radula?


What is the slimiest animal?


What animal group does the tree snail belong to?

A snail is a gastropod and a mollusk.

Is a snail a bug or an animal?

A snail is not a bug, but it is an animal. The word bug is generally taken to mean an insect, and all insects are animals, too. But a snail is a different kind of animal, called a mollusk.

Is snail a mollusks animal?


Is the snail is a wild animal?


What animal is a gastropod?

It's a snail

What animal that have shells?

snail , armadillo

What animal has the most teeth?

a snail

Which animal has the most teeth?


What animal has a shell and antennae?

A snail.

What animal group is a snail in?


What type of animal is a snail?

its a dog

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