Is a socialist right wing

Updated: 11/7/2022
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The majority of Socialist are liberal and in the left-wing of politics. The vast majority of Socialist are in Democratic tent. Historically, Socialists have been considered the "left". This generalization does not necesarily fit, but many socialists were democratic socialists, not what is considered the extreme Marxists (also known as Communists) so they favored liberal ideals of universal suffrage, free speech, and other civil liberties. This can fit much better than the traditional "right" that consists of conservatives favoring a monarchy or authorocratic rule (the most famous of these being the German Nazis and Italian Fascists) in some cases. Both the Nazis and Fascists opposed the Socialists, as seen in the Spanish Civil War (They generally supported Franco. The Socialists, along with the democratic countries supported the official elected government.)

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Q: Is a socialist right wing
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Was Hitler a demacrat?

Absolutely not. Hitler was a National Socialist, which is a right wing party. His main opponents were the Social Democrats.

What was the name of the German ruling party?

NSDAP National Socialist German Workers Party. NAZI Party

Are National Socialist left wingers or right wingers?

The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei was a far right party.In its early days it considered the Communist Party of Germany to be one of it'sbiggest enemies, and fought elections on that basis. It generally alliedwith other far-right parties, both within Germany and outside it, the briefagreement with Stalin being an exception.The answer above is the answer that you get only from a left winger. They not only call National Socialist right wing, they call them far right, when there is nothing right wing about National Socialist. National Socialist are slightly right of comminist but still left wing. So there is no surprise that they would have had an agreement with Stalin.The right stands for freedom, smaller government, and low taxes. Examples of a right wingers would be Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul.The left stands for big government controlling every aspect of your life, high taxes and no freedom.To a left winger a right winger is anybody they don't like.

Were the Nazis left-wing or right-wing?

No, the Nazis were a left-wing ideology. Their belief was that the state controlled everything, including social views, and religious ones. While it is true that the Nazis, once in power, arrested other socialists or communists, it was because they opposed the Nazi party ideology and not because fascism was right-wing and they were left-wing. The Nazis were known as the national Socialist party of Germany. The very word Socialist implies and infers left-wing ideology.

Left wing?

Socialist or progressive attitudes favouring state control of industry

What are the principles of right and left political parties and which are socialists and which are democrats?

Using the words and terms particular to Canada here is the breakdown of the three main national parties: Conservative Party - right wing Liberal Party - left wing New Democratic Party - socialist (this term is not used) or labour

Is euroscepticism a left wing or right wing issue?

It is mainly right wing, but there are eurosceptics who are left wing too.

What are Four examples of left-wing protest groups?

Socialist Labor Party Communist Party U.S.A. Democratic Socialists of America Socialist Workers' Party

Is the republican the right wing or left wing?

Right wing, Democrats are left wing and liberals are "far left" and the "far right" of the wing is called the Conservatives.

What is the difference between left and right wing in the US?

Left wing= Democratic Right wing= Republican

Where to find a list of essential literature regarding Marxist socialist liberal and left wing thought?

The best place to find literature regarding Marxist socialist, liberal, and left-wing thought would be to look for authors who are authorities on Marx and then check their references at the end of books and articles.

Is liberty legal institute right wing religion?

No it is a right wing law firm.