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Is a sonic wave a longitudinal wave?

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No, a compression-rarefaction wave.

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Is a radio wave longitudinal?

Radio wave is not a longitudinal wave it is a transverse wave

Why is a sound wave a longitudinal wave?

A sound wave is a longitudinal wave because it compresses the air and a longitudinal wave is also known as a compression wave.

A sound wave is a longitudinal wave?

a sound wave is longitudinal. this is because the wave compress and expand the air particles around them. ( that is what a longitudinal wave does).

Is a longitudinal wave a sound wave?

Yes , a longitudinal wave is for sure a sound wave.

What type of wave is a longitudinal wave?

Well a longitudinal wave is actually a horizontal wave.

Is a sound wave a longitudinal wave?

A sound wave is indeed a longitudinal wave as opposed to a transverse wave

What kind of wave is sound wave?

Mechanical WaveLongitudinal WavePressure Wavesound wave is a longitudinal mechanical wave.answer: B. compression C. longitudinal D. mechanical

Is rarefaction in a longitudinal or transverse wave?

A rarefaction can be in a longitudinal and transverse wave. (Longitudinal and transverse wave are both Mechanical waves)

What is a longitudinal wave and what is nessasery for a wave?

A longitudinal wave is a wave of which the disturbance direction is the same direction of the direction of the wave. Waves done in a spring and sound waves are an example. A longitudinal wave: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Whatis a longitudinal wave?

longitudinal wave is a wave which contains a rare fraction and a compresssion.

What is an L wave?

Longitudinal wave

What is infrasound wave?

Longitudinal wave

Is a longitudinal wave a mechanical wave?

yes, it is. But mechanical waves can be as well as non longitudinal!

Must a wave be transverse or longitudinal explain?

A wave must be transverse or longitudinal or both.

How is the amplitude of a longitudinal wave measured?

Amplitude of a longitudinal wave is measured as a change in pressure.

What is an non example for a longitudinal wave?

The non examples of longitudinal waves is a small wave

What is a complete compression and rarefaction in a longitudinal wave?

When you have the complete compression and rarefaction of a longitudinal wave, that is one complete wave.

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